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6 Realistic Tips to get accepted in the British and US Universities 2020

Now, as you have decided to study abroad and have vetted around a lot of international universities in the US and UK, it’s time to kick start the process. Most of the students are usually waiting for the right time to apply or keep on postponing their decisions. No need to stress out. Here we present some realistic tips that will help you to get selected in any British or US University of your choice.

The application process of any international university is not too tough, but you need to be very diligent while applying. One single mistake is sufficient to shatter your dreams forever. Things such as scholarship optionsVisa mistakes to avoid, visa type, visa process, duration of stay, cost of living and work permit options should be very clear with the student.

1.     Keep your Backup options Ready

Every student has a dream of studying at his favorite university and pursue a dream career.  But to play safe, it is recommended that you should apply in at least three Universities. Don’t worry about the location. Aim for a bigger picture and you should always be ready for backup options in case things don’t turn out to be as expected.

2.     Cross Check the Eligibility Criteria

There is no point in applying to a University where you are ineligible. Before sending an application to the University, it’s important to explore the official website and understand the academic requirements and eligibility criteria. If you are still doubtful regarding any clause, you can directly call the given number for assistance.

3.     Good Grades are Essential

The US and UK Universities prefer international candidates with good academic grades. So, ensure that you have an excellent academic record in both school and UG College (in case applying for post-graduation). You also need to score well in other admission exams such as SAT, ACT for undergraduate programs or GRE, GMAT, etc for post-graduate professional courses.
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Don’t worry if you are not scoring top scores, fairly good scores can also help get admission in a reputed international University. Your recommendations from references play a good role in turning odds in your favor.

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4.     Know the Application Procedure

After you have selected the University and have met the eligibility criteria, it’s time to understand its application procedure. The details of an application procedure are available on the official website of every University. Many Universities have an online application filing facility. The remaining ones require you to manually fill in the required documents and then send them by post.

Pay proper attention to even the tiniest of details. Keep Xerox copies of your application, if you have sent it by post. Saving an e-copy would be a better option.

5.     Show Your Interest in the University

Make sure that your personal statement reflects your genuine interest in the university and the opted course. Your references and the interview responses should clearly indicate your passion for studying that particular course at that University.

6.     Visa

After getting an acceptance letter from the universities, it’s time to immediately apply for a student visa in that country. The Visa rejection rates are quite high, so it’s important to seek assistance from a career counselor or an expert in the visa industry. Make sure that all the documents are 100% complete and authentic. During the visa interview, you should be able to convince the officers that you intend to return to home country after completing your studies.

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You can connect with other students of the University to know the cost of living and other post-landing formalities.

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