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Study Destination: 6 Reasons for Studying in Denmark

When you start thinking about studying abroad, you start visualizing a quality education system in an innovation-driven environment.

There are numerous benefits of studying in a foreign nation. Not only you get an inspiration to explore new things, but you also lay an excellent foundation for your great career. As you tread on a new path, a vast number of opportunities await your arrival. In order to make your study abroad journey rewarding, it is vital that you choose your study destination carefully. There are different choices for study destination. Every student has his/her priority for a particular study destination depending upon different parameters.

We have already talked about the benefits of studying in a number of countries. Through this blog post, therefore, I aim at highlighting different reasons that must encourage you to choose Denmark for your higher studies as against other traditional choices.

Reasons for Studying in Denmark

1. Happiest Country in the World

According to Forbes, Denmark has reached number 1 in World’s Happiness Report.

This fact makes me wonder why anyone would not like to be a part of such nation. If I were a student, I would just not leave the opportunity.

After all, such a country promises you strong social support and allows you to live life as per your desires.

2. Schengen Zone

The given country falls in the Schengen zone. Not to be mentioned explicitly, but if you study in Denmark, you automatically get a visa for 26 countries. That means a better chance to explore and advance your learning in life. Not a bad deal!

Even more, you are exposed to a learning environment where there are students belonging to diverse cultures and nations.

3. English Speaking Country

Denmark is a country where 85% of the population speaks the English language. It, therefore, gets a lot easier for an Indian student to settle in such a place. Because there is not a greater usage of any local language, there are no adaptability issues either. The students take very less time to adjust and thus, there is an enhanced output. Further, they develop a bonding with locals and easily grasp things from the surroundings. Also, the environment in places where there are no language barriers is much calmer and serene.

4. Reduced Costs

Not everyone can afford the huge expenses involved in studying abroad. Most people give up their dreams of studying abroad thinking about the amount of money involved. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about the financial aspect when it comes to studying in Denmark. It is because the costs associated with studying in this country are modest. The estimated costs of studying in Denmark are 7 to 10 lacs per year. The expenses involved are way too less as compared to other countries.

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5. Visa Process

The process of obtaining a visa for Study in Denmark is a lot easier and hassle-free. There is no requirement of showing the available funds for visa purpose. Furthermore, the probability of getting a visa in spouse case is very high. The requirement for IELTS score is 6 bands overall.

6. Return on Investment (ROI)

Many students choose Denmark for their study abroad journey as it offers high a Return on Investment (ROI). The country falls in the top 10 in per capita GDP.
Source: Forbes
When you are employed in this country, you may easily expect 15 Euros per hour.

Final Words:

When you study in Denmark, you become a part of an open-minded population. There is abundant happiness all around you. Even more, you become a part of institutions that are research driven and don’t focus on content-based learning. In a nutshell, you expose yourself to an enriching environment that is full of learning and growth.

Image source: youth-portal