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6 Tips for a Seamless Transition from High School to an International College/University

Planning for international studies? Excited about your new college/University? I am sure you must be having butterflies dancing in your stomach both with excitement and nervousness. Studying abroad may seem daunting at first glance as things would be entirely different from that of your high school.

Things are going to go a step further- new friends, new opportunities and new responsibilities. The new undergraduate College would be your new home for the next couple of years. Here are some easy tips that will help you make a seamless transition from high school to your new international College/University.

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1.     College or University?

There is indeed a big difference between the two. A college is usually smaller than a University. The courses offered in colleges are generally limited. The student and faculty are low in numbers and are not as diverse as that in a University. Most of the International students prefer to study at a University that offers a wide array of degree courses and offers extracurricular activities as well.

So, as a student, you have to make a call whether you would like to study in smaller groups or bigger classrooms with a diverse student population.

2.     Embrace this fresh start

One thing that should be absolutely clear when you plan to study abroad is that your support system would no longer be joining you on your journey. You would be leaving back your parents, friends, teacher and mentors. So, you need to make a fresh start. There are many colleges and universities that have a dedicated support cell for international students that help them to adjust to the new environment.

3.     Balancing Social life and Academics

When you step into the University or College, you are no longer an immature school going student. Now, you are considered as a mature and responsible person who has to strike a perfect balance between the academics as well as social life. Most of international Universities have hobby and sports clubs such as cricket, soccer, music, dramatics, etc. The students can take their passions to the next levels with these clubs.

4.     Health and Nutrition

You may or may not get to eat your favorite dish from the home country. So, it’s your responsibility to make up the loss and eat healthily. It’s common that once the students enter the university they start ignoring their health and end up falling ill. Ample sleep is also necessary to keep the body healthy. So, make sure that you eat healthily, do exercise and take good sleep along with studying while studying abroad.

5.     Be Smart with Educational Resources

You don’t have to buy every book recommended by your professor on the first day of your college/University. Try to utilize your library. Many books are available online as well as on kindle. It may happen that you buy all the books recommended for a particular course and some of them may remain untouched. You need to be smart and try to save money where ever possible.

6.     Study Hard

The syllabus and the subjects offered in the first year are usually easier than in the upcoming years. It’s highly recommended to keep your grades high from the first year itself. You can work hard and can get extremely good grades in the first year. These grades will compensate for you in the future, in case you don’t perform well in the upcoming semesters. If you are not able to understand any topic, better consult your professor. If you are still struggling to grasp the concept then you can check online tutorials or refer to your textbook for a deeper explanation.

Last but not least, don’t give up! If you are not doing well in academics that doesn’t mean that this is the end of the world. Just target your goals and set milestones to achieve them. Achieve your milestones one by one and you will be able to accomplish your goal.

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