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Why is Backup Plan Important when you’re Appearing for Boards?

The board exams are right around the corner and there is a lot of anxiety building up. Because these exams are important in determining your future, you don’t want to take any chances.

I have been there at the exact same position as yours and I know how it feels. You’re willing to do what it takes to perform well in your Boards. But, is it that you can’t stand the amount of stress that has built up?

Most of you would already be burning the midnight oil to give your best shot. Yet, there are many who don’t succeed in scoring up to the mark or let’s say a decent score for that matter.

The reasons could be insufficient preparation, tough question papers or even your unlucky stars. Whatever it is, you simply can’t afford to leave your future entirely on the basis of marks attained in the boards.

Why is Backup Plan Important for you?

A backup plan is vital and the preparations for same must begin well in advance. Why?

Because it doesn’t only ensures you a bright future, but also eases out your stress. And when you write exams in a relaxed state of mind, your performance tends to be much better.

 Backup Plan

Firstly, you don’t have to necessarily restrict yourself to only those colleges that offer merit-based admissions. Notably, every reputed government college has a high cutoff and it might not be easy to meet the given benchmark.

While you may, instead, target your admissions in a private institution, there are some serious pitfalls. Despite their soaring tuition and admission fees, they fail miserably in providing a research driven or out based learning.  That is, the students are not offered any quality education by any of these institutions.

It could even be that you have already filled out forms for various entrance examinations and have plans to pursue a professional course.  Bravo!

In such a case, even if you falter in your Board exams, you can still make up for it in your entrance examinations.

Now, what if there are no plans to appear in any of the entrance examinations? Maybe you’re not interested in pursuing any of those courses or you’re just not prepared for any such exam?

It is, definitely, a matter of serious concern. As there are limited options, the chances of getting exposed to a quality education are bleak.

Have you ever thought about pursuing your higher education in an international university?

Yes and No…

Talking about study abroad, there can be many inhibitions.

“There are not enough resources… There is no know-how. I don’t know how to make the preparations for a study abroad journey… I have no relatives in a study destination of my choices.”

These are some of the common responses given by the students.

The objective of writing this post is to encourage my readers to shed all their doubts regarding study abroad. It is to help them make informed career choices in their lives.

While moving ahead with your plans of getting yourself enrolled in a reputed Indian university, you can always keep the study abroad options open.

You must keep this option open because there are a number of benefits of studying abroad. To know more about the benefits, you might want to click here:

5 Amazing Reasons to Study Abroad

By using this approach, you’ll be in a position to make the best decision depending upon the available choices. Further, the important realization to be made is that studying in a private university in India can be equally expensive when compared to any foreign university. Even if it is slightly expensive, the return on investment is much better.

For this, you will have to find extensive information on the available choices depending on your profile and interests. Also, you will have to update yourself with application and deadline time frames that may vary from one university to another.

Or, you may simply consult a reputed education consultant and discuss your case.

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What are the Prerequisites for Getting an Admission in a Foreign University?

  1. You’ll be required to write the following exams:
  • SAT exam
  • English proficiency test (IELTS/TOEFL)

In order to crack these exams, you may require some amount of preparation. However, it is not as difficult to score on these as in board or entrance examinations.

  1. Statement of Purpose
  2. Letter of recommendations
  3. Essay

It is, therefore, not a bad move to keep your options open and appear in your Boards with a calm mind.

Wishing all my readers’ abundant success and a bright future ahead!

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