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3 Career Mistakes Every Student Tends to Make in School or College

Wise heads speak about the importance of a successful career and hard work all the time. If you’re a student, every other person must be telling you that this is the time to build a successful career and you must not waste a second of it. I don’t disagree with any of this, but has anyone really told you about the points that need attention. Is there enough information about the path that is right and the mistakes that are common when it comes to building a successful career? Taking note of the existing scenario, I compiled a list of career mistakes that almost everyone tends to make if not cautioned at a right time:

The Choice of a Career

We all know that a decision regarding the choice of a career is irrevocable. You must, therefore, carefully chose an area of our interest. But, you’re unfortunately expected to do this at a tender age of 16 years. As a result, the decision you make is either enforced upon you by others or doesn’t really match your interests. A few years down the lane, when you realize the gravity of a decision that was taken- it’s too late for any change. As a result, most of you strive to find happiness at workplaces throughout your lives. Because it might take long before our educational system is made flexible, I feel you must enlighten yourself with all the available career options. Enroll yourself in different short courses and try to taste all the flavors. Never have a decision imposed on yourself. Instead, make efforts to seek right guidance throughout your journey.

The Pursuit of a Passion

The experts tell you that you must build a career you love. You must pursue your passion in case you want to be successful in your professional life. But then why are you encouraged to look up for career options with maximum remuneration?  It is important that you change this general attitude of people in the society. Because, as the age-old saying goes, “Money can never give you happiness”. You must know that money can be generated from any profession. Just that, you need skills and passion to make it happen. On the other hand, if there is a money in the job, but no interest- it can prove to be a deadly combination. However, when there is a passion for excellence coupled with uncertainty- it can do wonders!


The expectations of parents and teachers, often, leads to insecurity and anxiety amongst the youngsters. There is a lot of pressure on the young minds and this gets most of you into trouble. As a result, many lose their focus and get distracted. You fail to perform and don’t deliver results despite your good caliber.  It is, therefore, important that you understand that someone else’s expectations should rather encourage you to perform better and not otherwise. Anxiety or stress of any sorts will never let you bear fruit over the long haul. It is sheer hard work and determination that will eventually help you pave your journey successfully.

Last Words:

We all dream of successful careers, but success comes to only those who are prepared for it. It’s your time to make preparations for your share of success.

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