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Why Choose Heriot-Watt Dubai Over Christ University Bangalore?

One of the most frequently asked questions by students studying in 12th grade is whether they should consider studying in Christ University, Bangalore or Heriot-Watt University (Dubai)?

Our  ‘Career Coach’ recommends choosing Heriot-Watt over Christ University. There are plenty of reasons for the same.

1. Global University

The Christ University is a private university ranked among top 5 universities in India for BBA and other undergrad programs and has 3 campuses in the city of Bangalore. It offers a vast number of undergrad and grad programs. While the university attracts number of students belonging to different backgrounds, international exposure offered by this university remains limited for Indian students. On the other hand, Heriot-Watt is a truly global university as it attracts students from all over the world. With its 5 campuses in 3 locations- 3 campuses in UK, 1 in Dubai and 1 in Malaysia- it offers several exchange programs that allows students to experience the history and cultural heritage of different places. One of its program ‘Go Global’ is widely acclaimed by students all over the world as it allows the participants to study in 3 different locations.

2. Opportunity for Studying Abroad

By choosing Heriot-Watt University, you get the option to study abroad in Dubai and avail all the benefits that come with studying abroad in this country. Dubai is the financial, trading and business hub of middle east and therefore, exposes students to a vast number of rewarding career opportunities.

Heriot-Watt Dubai v/s Christ University

3. University Ranking

According to Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2008, Heriot-Watt is ranked 41st in the world, 15th in the UK and 3rd in Scotland for its international outlook. It’s a score calculated on the basis of the percentage of the university’s international staff, the international co-authorship level of academic papers and the percentage of international students studying with the University. (Source: )

4. Scholarships

The university offers scholarships of up to 50% to meritorious students. This, therefore, doesn’t only bring a huge financial relief to students who belong to economically weaker sections of the society but also give them a chance to study abroad in one of the reputed universities of the world.

5. Go Global Program

It offers ‘Go Global Program’ that allows the course participants to study in multiple locations. Furthermore, there are options available to choose different specializations based on the student’s area of interest.

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6. Internships

Various internships are offered along with study programs to help students gain practical knowledge of their field, thereby, preparing them for rewarding employment opportunities available in the market. Also, the paid internships make it possible for students to earn some extra cash.

The reasons given above are sufficient enough to help you make informed career decision for yourself. Should you have any doubts/ concerns regarding your admissions, you must not hesitate in sending us email.