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Debunking Common Myths about Australian Work Permit

A recent announcement made by Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull gave an impression that Australia is scrapping work permits. The announcement sparked a lot of debate amongst journalists, media professionals, and study abroad visa experts.

Leaving a few who could comprehend the norms of a new visa correctly, the others have gone haywire talking about its effect on Indian students.

While many talked about how it is going to drop the enrollment rate of Indian students in Australian universities, the others went crazy talking about how the new move is going to affect business ties between the two countries?

Is there a need for any such strong statements to be made in media?

Furthermore, is a new law really going to affect Indian nationals who are on the student visa in Australia?

Time for Reality Check

The truth behind the abolition of 457 Visa has nothing to do with international students getting a refusal for a work visa. Indian students may, without any hassle, continue living their foreign dreams as the pathway to work and permanent residency remains open to them.

It is just that the existing 457 visa is now being replaced with work permit visa around short, medium and long-term skill shortages or Temporary Skilled Visa (TSS). The objective behind such a statement is suspected to be electoral gains and not to cause any difficulty for international students to find employment in Australia.

Debunking Common Myths about Australian Work Permit

Because the student visa regulations remain completely unaffected, there is absolutely no effect on students. What we need to understand is that international students in Australia move to work through sub-class 485visa and not 457visa. Notably, 485visa remains unaffected.

Later on, after getting an experience through 485 visas, the students move to “work permit” or permanent residency (PR).

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The skills/ courses that are popular amongst Indian students remain on the occupation list and therefore, don’t affect their PR chances at all.

Simplification of Student Visas

It is much easier to get Australian student visa for Indian students given that DIBP has expanded its list of approved financial institutions or banks for demonstrating funds that are required for obtaining the visa.

No Change in Post Study Work

What motivates most of the international students to move to Australia for higher studies is 2-4 years of Post Study work permit they get after the completion of their course/ degree program. Notably, this visa remains unaffected in the changes that have been made lately.

Skills Sought After by International Students Remain a Part of the New List

Even though the list of skills for “work permit” category has been truncated, the most sought after occupations by Indian students that include IT, Accounting, Engineering, etc are still a part of the new list.

The interesting thing to be noted is that for the subclass 485 visa that grants work permit for 2-4 years, the students are required to complete a degree and thus, the list of skills/ occupations holds no significance.

Final Words:

It’s not about the abolition of work permits. It’s just about the replacement of current version with a new version. All the international students who are genuine remain completely unaffected and may continue living their “Australian dream” without any problem. It is, therefore, time to put rest to all the rumors that have become a talk of student and visa fraternity.