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Excellent Study Destinations Near India

Are you looking at study-abroad destinations that offer high-quality education, but are close to your home town?

You’re not comfortable traveling to far-off places. Rather, you want to study at a place that makes it easier for you to meet your folks frequently.

Another factor could be cutting down your study abroad expenses. Staying close to your homeland implicitly implies less airfare, cheaper living expenses, and moderate tuition fees.

Even though there is a serious need for you to make these considerations yet you don’t want to compromise with the quality of education you will be getting at your study destination.

Because you’ve landed on this page, it makes me assume that you’re definitely aware of study abroad benefits on your resume.

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There is absolutely nothing to worry. The good news is that there are quite a many popular study destinations near India that offer a perfect learning environment for international students.

Just that we need to enlighten ourselves and start making informed career decisions!

Our Career Coach Recommendations

This blog post lists the names of renowned universities in 3 major study destinations near India: Singapore, Dubai, and Malaysia as recommended by our career coach.


The estimated budget of pursuing your higher studies in Singapore is approximately 8-10 lakhs per year. Different reasons that make Singapore an excellent study destination are as given below:

  • Depending on your profile, it is easy to avail a scholarship as compared to other countries.
  • A degree awarded by Singapore universities is highly sought-after by employers all over the world.
  • You get exposed to one of the best educational systems in the world.
  • This country offers a diverse and extremely safe learning environment for students.
  • There are no language barriers as English happens to be a widely spoken language.

A list of universities in Singapore worth considering is as given below:


Dubai is a popular study destination amongst Indian students. The expenses incurred while studying abroad in Dubai are, on an average, 8 lakhs INR per year.  Nevertheless, there are universities that many even cost up to 15 lakhs per year.

Why choose Dubai as your Study Destination?

  • It has a number of reputed universities. Even more, many top-ranked international universities have their campuses in Dubai.
  • This country offers a multi-cultural environment that is perfect for learning and widening your horizons.
  • You get to stay at a place that is politically stable and is, therefore, safe for students.

If you’re considering Dubai as your study destination, you may consider applying to any of the universities mentioned below:

All the institutions given above are listed as private institutions.


Malaysia is again a popular study destination choice amongst Indian students for different reasons as listed below:

  • Local university education has seen an unprecedented growth in the last few years.
  • A number of Malaysian universities have collaborations with foreign universities that are ranked very high on a global platform.
  • Many top-ranked foreign universities have branch campuses in this country.
  • When you study at any of the foreign university campuses located in Malaysia, you receive a degree of the same reputation at much lower cost.
  • The cost of living is very less as compared to any European or American country.
  • You get to stay in a country that offers multicultural environment.

A list of reputed Malaysian Universities is as given below:

All the listed universities fall in the category of private institutions.

If there are any doubts regarding study abroad, you must not hesitate in leaving a comment below. Our career coach will be glad to assist you!