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How to Face Your First Job Interview?

After putting in so much of hard work and a lot of efforts, your first ever job interview gets scheduled. There is no possibility of letting go away the chance from your hands. Whatever it might take, you got to nail this interview.

Are you going through such feelings?

At least, I remember riding the emotional roller-coaster at the time of my first job interview for IBM. Honestly, it was not easy!

I completely understand how difficult it can be and because I have been there, I am going to share tips that helped me ace my first interview successfully:

Research Work

Carrying out research is an excellent idea of gathering information regarding the company, its CEO, and interviewer. When you’ve gathered enough data about the company, you’re in a better position to engage yourself in a meaningful conversation with the interviewer.

Also, you need be prepared with answers to questions like “Why do you want to get employed in this company?” or “What makes you interested in the given profile option?”

Practice Makes You Perfect

Create a similar environment as expected on the interview day and start practicing by asking someone to role play as an interviewer. Prepare yourself by giving answers to sample interview questions.

Such practice sessions help you ease out and will make you more confident. Furthermore, these sessions are a great resource of equipping yourself with sufficient data that can be used to your advantage on the D-day.

Choice of Your Wardrobe

Your outfit plays a critical role in elevating or depressing the mood of an interviewer. You need to dress up either formally or semi- formally depending on the organization. A smart and tidy appearance can significantly help you in leaving a positive impression on the interviewer.

Your First Impression is the Last Impression

Believe me, you don’t want to ruin it by arriving late!

Buffer time is important so as to avoid any disaster that may happen due to traffic or getting lost on the way.

It never hurts to reach 15 minutes in advance but it really does when you’re late by even half a minute. It is probably the worst idea to keep your bosses waiting for you!

Leave a positive first impression by giving a firm handshake, crisp and confident introduction about yourself. Don’t forget to make an eye contact. It’s not a nice feeling to be talking to someone without maintaining a proper eye-contact.

All these things are important given that the least you would want is the less favorable first impression.

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Your Body Language

After making an initial first impression, you need to continue presenting yourself as a well-mannered, confident and friendly candidate. Aim at building a good rapport with your interviewer so that he remembers you for a longer time.

You need to portray that you’re in a completely relaxed state of mind even if it is otherwise. It might sound difficult but what you must know is that nothing is impossible. Give it the best shot and you’ll manage to do it.

Mention Your Contacts

Do you have a contact working in the same organization?

If yes, let the interviewer know about your contact.

By doing so, you’ll be giving a lead to an interviewer to find out more about you. However, you need to be sure that your contact will vouch for you and is least likely to talk ill about you.

Goodbye Time

When it’s time to exit and say goodbye to an interviewer, don’t forget to smile, shake hands and thank him for the valuable time spent together.

Ending the interview on a positive note gives birth to a feeling of meeting again in the future.


Follow-ups are important in the recruitment sector.  Send a thank-you e-mail to the interviewer the same day or one day after an interview so as to make him remember your name and face.

Wishing each one of you luck and success always!

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