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How to Help Your Child to Keep Learning During a Lockdown?

You should help your children’s growing minds stay active. It is helpful for kids to trace numbers and work on other educational projects while stuck at home. Find projects that you and your children can do together during a lockdown, so your brains stay active and at their best.

As the Covid-19 pandemic is happening, your children need you to keep them thinking. You decide how much information you give your children when it comes to the pandemic. You decide what types of activities your children will be doing during this time. While your children are away from school, find activities and projects you can do to keep them busy.

Work on Colors While Painting:
Your children probably enjoy painting pictures and getting messy. Use this time when you are at home with them to work on learning about colors and how they mix. Take some blue paint and some red paint and show your child how the two become purple. Talk about primary colors and what they are.

Work on Counting While Building:
Building towers is a fun activity for parents and children to do together. You can build giant towers while at home during this lockdown. Work on counting and completing simple math work while building the towers, and use the blocks as tools to do this.

Draw with Your Children and Talk with Them:
Get out your paper and crayons and draw with your children. Have everyone draw a specific animal while you talk about that animal. Share some of the animal’s unique traits and educate your children regarding it.

Sing Educational Songs:
Think of some of the songs that you sang when you were younger and that helped you learn things. Sing those songs with your children and help get the lessons in the songs into their heads.

If Watching Shows, Watch Educational Ones:
When you need a break, sit down in front of an educational show. Play shows on the TV that are going to help your children learn during this time.

Go on a Nature Adventure:
If allowed, get outside with your children and explore nature with them. Talk about the things that you see and the birds that you hear.

Talk About the Weather Each Day:
Spend a little time each morning talking about the weather with your children. Discuss what is expected for the day, weather-wise. Talk about your favorite types of weather. Spend time learning about types of clouds and what they all mean.

Help Your Children Write a Story:
Let your children use their imaginations to come up with a story idea. Help them write the story out, and get them practicing their tracing or handwriting skills. Teach them the basics of grammar while writing with them.

Use this Time to Educate Your Children and Bond with Them:
You have the chance to educate your children on topics that interest you. Use this time when they are out of school to teach them and build a better connection with them.

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