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How to Make your TOEFL Essay Impress the Examiners?

Test of English as a Foreign Language commonly known as TOEFL, is a Language proficiency test necessary for admission in many international universities. There are four sections in TOEFL- reading, writing, speaking and listening. The total duration of the exam is 3 hours.

We will be discussing about the writing section. The writing section in a TOEFL exam has two tasks- independent writing task and integrated writing task. For the first task (independent writing), you will be given a topic.

You can express your own view point or opinions in this 30 minutes task. For the integrated writing section, you need to write based on a reading and listening passage. This post of My Study Destination shares you secrets to improve your writing section score. 

1. Draft an Essay Plan

For a better flow of ideas, have a plan on what to write. Note down what all points you need to include. This will help you to use the time efficiently.  

Noting down points would also save your time by eliminating unnecessary pauses you would make to think. You can draft any topic in this manner. Having a plan and organized flow of ideas will help your examiner understand your viewpoint in a better way.

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2. Understand What is Desired by Examiner

Explore Google regarding the writing rubrics. This will help you understand what examiner wants from the essay. There are many sample essays available on the internet. Have a good look and practice them as per the writing rubrics.

3. Word Limit

Target for a minimum of 300 words but your word limit should not exceed 500 words. Give yourself a word limit as it helps you know when to stop and how much to write in every section. Apart from this, with a word limit, you will try to include the main points rather than randomly stuffing the essay.

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4. Stick to the Prompt  

You may get carried away under the pressure of the prestigious TOEFL exam. You have to stay focussed and concentrate on what all you are writing. After writing each paragraph or section, read over what all you have written.

Make sure that every word you write is relevant to your prompt. It will help you to stay connected with your topic and will also help you draft your next paragraph. Avoid reading the entire essay at the end to realize that you are totally off-track. 

Follow this strictly when you are writing an independent essay. The same can also be followed while doing the integrated writing task as well.

5. Practice More Writing

Practice is the key to TOEFL success. It will help you improve your writing and manage time efficiently. Also, you won’t be panic-stricken during the exam.

Excelling in the writing section is not a matter of a couple of days it needs a lot of hard work and practice. Just take out 30 minutes each day to practice.

Don’t forget to practice as per the writing rubrics. This will make you more confident. When you practice different essays, it will help you build a connection with other essays as well. It enhances your knowledge and enables you to write quickly and effectively.  

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