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How to Start your Career in Bookkeeping and Payroll?

Payroll administrators and bookkeepers are more than just number-crunchers and play a crucial role in any company. Apart from having numerical proficiency, payroll staff and bookkeepers have to be ready at all times to resolve any technical issues or professional challenges. They need to be as strong in their communication skills as they are in their calculations.

If you’re considering embarking on a career in accountancy and finance, study a bookkeeping and payroll course in Dublin and join a sector with fast-growing job opportunities.

Responsibilities of Bookkeepers and Payroll Staff

Having an organized and logical approach to work is a pre-requisite for bookkeepers or payroll administrators. Bookkeepers process and record the day-to-day financial transactions as well as produce business activity and financial statements. Above all, they are responsible for ensuring that a company is being legally compliant in their financial activities. 

The payroll staff is responsible for maintaining all payroll-related processes and activities such as issuing paycheques and managing taxes, bonuses and other pay-related information. All information relating to hours worked is maintained and collected by payroll staff.   

A payroll administrator calculates and summarises employee earnings along with taxes, commissions, deductions, leaves, bonuses, etc. He/she is responsible for tracking employee’s work hours and determining other payroll liabilities. Issuance and processing of salary slips is done by payroll staff after incorporating variables, such as sick pay, overtime, holidays and expenses. He/she is the sole person responsible for resolving any payroll related discrepancies.

Qualities of Bookkeepers and Payroll Staff

Every prospective student who takes a bookkeeping and payroll course should have the following skills and traits:

  • Great team workers;
  • Able to deal with unexpected challenges and scenarios;
  • A good grasp of mathematics;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Organizational skills and;
  • Ability to meet deadlines.

Expectations from the Course

This course is designed to augment the accounting and finance skills of students. By the end of their studies, students should have developed the desired competencies and insights related to bookkeeping and payroll administration.

After studying an accounting and bookkeeping course, students will be proficient in handling a company as well as employee’s wages, salaries, payslips, taxes, leave, etc. This course will enable the students to develop a logical approach to their work and prepare them for multi-tasking. Undertaking this course helps the students to impart the desired skills, competencies and knowledge that is required to become a full-time payroll administrator in a large organization or SME.

Career Opportunities

Bookkeeping and payroll courses are increasingly becoming one of the most sought-after courses in international market.  A wide range of international career options and job opportunities await the students pursuing this course such as accounts payable/receivable manager, finance assistant, secretary/bookkeeper, junior payroll administrator, bookkeeper office manager, bookkeeper accounting technician, credit controller, payroll administrator/coordinator as well as payroll and bookkeeping clerk.

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