Know the Biometric Requirements for Canadian Visa

Canada is emerging as one of the most preferred destinations for study and jobs. The country has expanded its biometric requirements from past December 2019. If you are applying for a work permit, visitor visa, study visa or even permanent residence, you have to submit biometrics.

The students need to submit their biometric information along with the visa application. My Study Destination has compiled the list of biometric requirements in this post exclusively for our readers.

Before that, you need to understand

What do we mean by biometric requirements?

Biometric information comprises of essentially two things. First, it’s the electronic fingerprints and second, digital photograph of the applicant. This is mainly done to confirm the applicant’s identity on arrival on Canadian land.

This way the Canadian Visa officers confirm that no one forges the applicant’s identity. The biometrics will be saved in the official database of the Canadian Government. After that, your fingerprints will be scrutinized by RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).

A match will be performed against similar records of refugees, criminals, temporary resident applications and deportees. This will help the visa officer to make the final decision.

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Who are required to submit biometrics?

The applicants need to submit their biometrics if they are applying for a study visa. Also, other applicants applying for a visitor visa, PR, refugee, work permit need to submit their biometrics as well. Any individual who wants to extend his duration of stay in Canada is also required to do the same.

But if an applicant is already having a valid visitor visa, he may not be required to give the biometrics. Apart from that, if an applicant has already submitted his biometric anytime in the past ten years for any visa then an applicant need not submit that again even if the previous application was unsuccessful.

The Government of Canada has devised a new tool to check whether the applicant needs to submit biometrics or not.

How to Give Biometrics?

For biometric submissions, the applicant needs to pay the biometric fee along with the visa application form. A biometric instruction letter would be given to the applicant stating where to give the biometrics. The details of the collection centre would be written in that instruction letter.

After receiving the letter, the applicant needs to make an appointment with the collection centre. After the submission of biometrics, the application will be sent for processing. Biometrics are valid for ten years.

Tips while giving your Biometrics

Make sure that your face is clearly visible. The visa authorities have no problem with the headgear until the face is properly visible. Avoid wearing light coloured clothes on your photograph day.

Secondly, avoid applying henna on hands as it may impact the clarity of the fingerprints.  Also, make sure that there are no cuts, injuries or cracks on your fingers before you give your fingerprints.

Processing Time

Your application will be processed after you have submitted your biometrics. So, processing time usually depends on when you pay your biometric fees and how fast you get your biometric instruction letter.

How to reduce visa application delays?

Avoid mailing your application by post. The best way is to use the internet and file the application online. Or the application can also be filed at Visa Application Centres. Try to pay the biometrics fees when you submit the visa application.

Give your biometrics as soon as you receive the instruction letter. If you have your face or hand injured, you must bring supporting documents for the same. For more assistance on study visa application, statement of purpose or interview, feel free to reach us at +91-9814031270. You can also drop an email to our expert career coaches at

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