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Part 2: What are your chances of getting into an Ivy League college?

Application Checklist

Since we have already talked about Ivy League expectations, it’s time to talk to about the actual application.

Given below is a list of application checklist for you to maximize your chances of getting an acceptance from Ivy League:

Admission Essay

Even if you have an extraordinary profile, your chances of getting into Ivy will be ruined in case your essay is not up to the mark.

To be able to talk about the life that makes you stand out from the crowd, it requires brainstorming- a lot of thinking and time devotion in writing an essay.

Tip #1

Start early. It will require multiple revisions to draft an essay that admission officers find good enough for granting you admission.

Tip #2

Don’t just focus on listing your accomplishments and everything that makes you an outstanding student. In fact, what you must know is that it’s alright to be vulnerable as long as you are being honest. Whatever you write in your essay, delve into ‘why’ and ‘lessons’ learned.

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Tip #3

Remember, it’s not about being perfect but it’s about being real. You don’t have to write anything for the sake of impressing admission officers. But you need to stick to who you are in your admission essay.

Letters of Recommendations

You don’t have to do what every other student does- pick a few teachers who will write all good things about you and make them write your letters of recommendation.

If you really wish to secure the letter of recommendations that make your application strong, you need to invest time and energy in creating real connections with your teachers and then ask them for letters of recommendations. The process must, therefore, begin well in advance and not when the application deadlines are looming on your head.

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Early Applications

While there is no substitute for being real and having a strong application, a few things if done can increase your chances of getting into Ivy League. And one of those things is making early applications.

In case you’re wondering why, it’s simple. Because Ivy Leagues would never want to lose high yielding students and because there is a competition going on with other universities all the time, the Ivys are definitely going to show an interest in you if you show a genuine interest in them.

Finally, it’s about giving your best shot and leaving the rest to destiny. The bottom line is that you must never let the low acceptance rates discourage you or fool you. Remember, your job is to do work that you are supposed to do and not worry about things that are not in your control.