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How to Plan your Studies Abroad in a Perfect Manner?

Every student dreams of studying abroad, but very few are able to execute their dream into a reality. Why? Those who fail to realize their dream report inadequate planning as one of the major reasons. Believe me, there is no substitute when it comes to perfect planning. The career coach at My Study Destination has, therefore, decided to help you plan your studies abroad in a manner that ensures success for every student.

Steps to Plan your Studies Abroad

Step 1: Finding the Area of your Study

The foremost step in realizing your “Study Abroad” dream is to know what course you want to pursue in a foreign university. You may base your decision depending on the number of factors like:

  • The subjects you have studied so far
  • Your career objective
  • Area of your interests
  • Is there a plan for specialization in the field of your study?

Needless to say, your passport is the first thing you’ll need. If you don’t hold a valid passport, you must immediately apply for one otherwise it’s a go-ahead situation for you.

Step 2: University Short-listing and the Country of your Choice

The next step is to find out the list of universities that offer the desired courses. Depending upon your profile, you may shortlist universities based on their rankings. Having said that some amazing resources for checking the university rankings are as follows:

The university shortlisting is also dependent on the choice of your destination country. There are crucial factors involved in a decision-making process like:

  • Expenses you are ready to bear
  • If there is any objective of immigration
  • If you are playing to stay with a family in foreign land

Step 3: University Checklist

Next, you need to prepare an admission checklist for all the shortlisted universities. This process must be done very carefully so as to avoid rejections at a later stage. Even more, you may have to strike-off few names in case you don’t meet the pre-requisites. The complete information is available on the university websites under the admissions section.

Note: You must pay special attention to deadlines given by the university

Studies Abroad

Step 4: Preparation

Until now, your only focus has been the research work. But, now it’s time for some preparation and final execution of your plans. The preparation for any exams like TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, etc, depending upon the course, must begin immediately.

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You may also seek the expert guidance in case you need help with essay writing or other services. Furthermore, you may seek their assistance right from the start in case you are incompetent at carrying out a proper research work. However, there are certain key points that need attention when you choose your career coach or career expert guide:

  • Their credibility and ratings- You may check this online.
  • Comparison of their service charges with others in the same industry
  • Their success rate and number of students assisted by them in a year
  • What is the level of an extent to which a student can depend on their services?

Following this, you need to appear for required exams and submit the completed applications. Along with this, you may also start the visa preparation.

Last Words: If you’re serious about your study abroad dream, you will be wise enough in following the given roadmap for planning your studies abroad.

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