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Pros and Cons of Studying in Australia for Indian Students

Australia attracts a number of Indian students every year. The reason being it offers high-quality education and bright future prospects to Indian students. Besides high-quality education, there are various other reasons for it being a popular study destination. Even more, there are certain drawbacks associated with studying in Australia. The objective of writing this post is to highlight the pros and cons that are associated with studying in Australia for Indian students:

Pros of Australian Education

1. High-Quality Education

Given that there are a vast number of high-ranking universities in Australia, they offer reputed courses that are recognized worldwide. The Australian government strives hard in maintaining the educational standards and offering international students an excellent study abroad experience.  Talking about Indian students, they form a huge chunk of international students in Australia. The institutes of higher learning, therefore, ensure that their systems are such that they cater to the needs of Indian students. Even more, they ensure that Indian students don’t have to go through any discomfort or inconvenience in adjusting with the system there.

2. Diverse Cultural Experience

Students from far-off locations come to Australia for their higher learning. Thus, every student who studies in Australia gets exposed to diverse cultures and is offered an excellent learning experience. When students gain such exposure, they don’t only become more adaptable but also become better learners. Thus, their chances to excel in the chosen field of career enhance manifold.

3. Impressive CV

After graduating from Australian universities, the resumes or CVs of students become a lot more impressive and it gets easier for them to fetch their dream job. Even employers consider graduates from Australian universities as ideal candidates for their organizations.

4. No Financial Burden

Even though it can be expensive for Indian students to study in Australia, the students can easily ease their financial burden by availing scholarships that are readily available.  Also, the system is such that it encourages students to work part-time when the college is on and full-time during holidays. Thus, the students can easily manage expenses on their own.

5. Job Opportunities

Many students move to Australia for their higher studies with an objective of settling there permanently. It is because the Australian government is quite flexible in offering post-study work visas. The students can start working there and later apply for permanent residency (PR).

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Cons of Australian Education

1. Safety Issues

There have been a number of incidents where Indian students were made the victims of serious racial and anti-social elements. But this can be avoided by staying far from unsafe areas or areas that are prone to crime. There are certain student-friendly areas in every study destination. It is, therefore, wise to look for your accommodation in such areas.

2. Homesickness

Even though there are a vast number of Indians residing in Australia, the feeling of homesickness is bound to persist for some time until the students get used to staying alone in their new study destination.

3. Cultural Shock

It might come as a cultural shock for students to move to a place that is drastically different from their home nation. Depending on their personality, the students may take several weeks to months to adjust to a new place and surroundings. It can be overwhelming for students indeed. It is, therefore, recommended that they carry out in-depth research and talk to people before making a final move.

4. Financial Burden

Even if there are plenty of scholarships available along with the facility to work part-time, not every student can avail these options due to a multitude of reasons. As a result, they might find it difficult to manage their expenses. For those who are studying on student loans, they are always under unsaid pressure and it might affect their academic performance and day-to-day life.

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Final words:

Australia is a beautiful study destination for the students to be but like any other place, there are dubious people running fake institutes with the intention of minting money from international students. You need to be wary of such institutions and carefully choose your college/ university. The basis of your choice must be a complete research work. It is best if the research is carried out under someone’s guidance.

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