Iceland My Study Destination

Study Destination: Reasons for Studying in Iceland

Although Iceland is a small island nation, it happens to be the best of destination lists for tourists from all over the world. Besides the country’s marvelous scenery, there are many other alluring factors that make this country highly sought after by students and tourists from all over the world. It offers a world-class system of education that attracts students from different countries.

Reasons for Studying in Iceland

Given below are different reasons for which you should consider studying in Iceland:

1. You Get Exposed to Rich and Dynamic History

Iceland’s riveting history has so much to offer to every student that irrespective of the field of study you’re looking at pursuing, you will get a lot of learning and exposure that will help you successfully pave your career path.

There are a vast number of local and national festivals celebrated in Iceland meaning that you’ll get abundant opportunities to immerse yourself into the country’s culture and learn about its rich and heritage past.

2. Language is Not a Barrier

A vast majority of the population in Iceland speaks at least two languages fluently- English and Icelandic. Thus, international students don’t have to face any language issues in their study destination and adjustment definitely becomes easier for them.

3. Reykjavik University

Reykjavik University located in Iceland is one of the major reasons international students look forward to studying in this study destination. Besides offering a wide variety of programs in English, the university is located in the heart of its capital city.

4. Expand Your Horizons

By studying in Iceland, you get to truly expand your horizons as Iceland is one of the most liberal countries of the world with a strong commitment to personal rights, progressive laws, gender equality, and religious tolerance.  Even more, the country’s social progress index is very high and it has successfully earned the status of being one of the most peaceful and ecologically sustainable places.

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5. Its Conservation and Sustainability Management

Iceland is doing a remarkable job in preserving its natural beauty and therefore, happens to be a world leader in conservation and sustainability management. This makes Iceland a popular study destination for sustainable energy-related programs and learning about renewable energy technology and development.

As a student, you may also consider combining ecology, sociology, economics and business studies to study Master in Coastal and Marine Management.

6. Art and Cultural Heritage

The country is famous for its vibrant community of artists, musicians, and designers. Several festivals are held throughout the year offering a lot of inspiration to artists. Even more, there is a wide variety of degree programs offered in fine arts, music, design, and architecture, theatre, dance, and filmmaking.

Final words:

Besides its regular courses, Iceland is also known for its summer school programs. Also, it offers easy connectivity to the U.S., popular Scandinavian and European destinations. Another point worth mentioning is that the public universities in this country offer free tuition to students.