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6 Reasons to Take GMAT Exam to Pursue MBA

For last 60 years, Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is trusted and accepted by more than 1,700 B-schools for over 6,000 graduate business programs. Henceforth, GMAT offers the best career with impact for business and management flagships. The test is conducted by a non-profit organization: Graduate Management Admission Council or popularly known as GMAC.  Even in India GMAT score is widely accepted by the leading 100 B-schools for more than 200 business programs. GMAT exam fee is US$250.

The GMAT test is designed for business schools by business schools, to evaluate one’s business instincts which help the students to stand out during the admission process. The test offers four sections with the specific objectives:

(i) Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

Time: 30 minutes

Task- Essay Writing: An Analysis of Argument

GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) Section is designed to test candidate’s critical thinking ability, interpreting the information and cohering essays with valid examples in the English language.

(ii) Integrated Reasoning (IR)

Time: 30 minutes

Task- 12 Questions

GMAT Integrated Reasoning (IR), as the name, suggests it is designed to test candidate’s thinking ability how efficiently and effectively one can integrate data to get the correct answer.

(iii) Verbal Reasoning

Time: 75 minutes

Task: 41 Questions

GMAT Verbal Section is designed to test candidate’s knowledge and skill about the English language. This section comprises of mainly three subsections Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction and Reading Comprehension.

(iv) Quantitative Aptitude

Time: 75 minutes

Task: 37 Questions

GMAT Quant or Quantitative Aptitude Section is designed to test candidate’s knowledge and proficiency about quick problem solving with the mathematical approach. This section comprises of mainly two subsections Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving.

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Reasons to take GMAT for MBA

  1. More Opportunities – GMAT offers a wide array of business schools to apply for vivid business and management programs as its score is accepted by 1700 universities for more than 6000 programs.
  2. GMAT Score Validity – GMAT score is valid for 5 years, for e.g. if a candidate has taken GMAT in 2017 then his/her score is valid until 2022.
  3. Exposure – GMAT score is widely accepted by national and international B-schools which offers a multicultural ambiance to pursue the MBA. It gives you an opportunity to interact with working professionals from across the world. This will enable a different perception to visualize the crisis and coping up those with valid reasons. It offers high career exposure, good pay-packets, and many more perks.
  4. Flexible Application Process- GMAT test is available throughout the year, hence its application procedure is flexible. There is no specific GMAT exam date. However, it is advisable to take GMAT test with at least 2-3 months of preparation. Further, it recommended taking GMAT test before 3-4 months of the B-Schools admission process begin.
  5. Most Relied Score- GMAT score is one of the prerequisites for MBA admissions. And it is considered as the most reliable score by the B-schools to evaluate a candidate’s readiness and skills for more than 6,000 business flagships. It is claimed by GMAC that 9 out of 10 MBA enrollments are made by using GMAT score as a primitive tool.  Remember, the final GMAT score is the average score of quant and verbal marked with a maximum number of 800. AWA and IR marks are mentioned separately on the official GMAT score card.
  6.  Readable GMAT Syllabus– GMAT syllabus covers up the topics up to high-school. Since it is a computer adaptive test and follows a certain algorithm to set the difficulty levels of the questions. Therefore, it is essential to have a strong foundation of basics to solve the comprehensive questions.

So pull up your socks, give shape to your MBA aspirations with GMAT score.  All the Best!

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