Study Abroad in Canada– Does your Checklist have these Things?

All set with your study abroad preparations? Living away from home isn’t easy. In fact, the first year is the toughest time you spend on the international surface. You need to complete a lot of formalities before taking a flight to your destination.

Every country has its own protocols to follow. The visa agency will help and guide you with every small step related to your international travel. If you are going to pursue a degree in Canada, then here are some important things for your university checklist.

1. Funds for Living 

Get your accommodation secured before stepping into the Canadian land. Thinking to find a place after landing would be a bad idea. The visa consultancy would help you in finding the best one.

Enquire about college/university hostel or residence options. You must have a minimum of CAD 10K for the first year of expenses. These expenses are apart from your tuition fee. 

You may be required to produce a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) to prove your funds.

2. Tuition Funds 

Studying in Canada is more affordable as compared to other international countries. Most of the universities accept drafts as well as money orders. There is a CIBC payment program that allows the students to pay in their home country’s currency.

3. Woollen Clothes

The temperature in Canada goes beyond the freezing point in winters. Some essential things such as gloves, warm winter coat, hat and boots are very essential to stay warm and cozy.

Every region except for British Columbia faces a major temperature drop. So, you need to bundle up in case your university lies elsewhere.

4. Bank Account in Canada

This is the first thing that you should do after landing in Canada. Having a Canadian Bank account would help you to manage your finances in a better way. Also, if you plan to work part-time in Canada, it becomes easier to receive money.

If you are still struggling with English or French, choose a bank that provides services in your mother tongue. Opening a bank account is fairly easy and requires minimal formalities.

5. Tech Equipment

If you are taking your laptop or Smartphone along with you, you may need an additional adapter. The electronic items you carry may not be compatible with the Canadian voltages and outlets. Laptops make note-taking easier but they are not compulsory.  

6. Emergency Contact List

Make a list of all important contact numbers and share the digital/hard copies with your new friends or roommates. The list should include numbers of your family members, any known locals, guardians etc. Mail it to yourself as well. 

7. Government IDs

Apart from your passport, carry your birth certificate and driving license with you as well. Make sure that your passport has a valid visa stamped. The passport should be valid for at least six months after your date of arrival. Ideally, it should be stamped for the entire study period.

8. Insurance 

Having health insurance is not an option anymore. The Canadian Universities demand the students to get it done before the commencing of the term. Health insurance saves your money in case of any medical emergency.

9. Medical Records and Prescriptions

You have to undergo a medical examination before stepping on the Canadian land. Your respective University will guide you regarding which documents you need to bring along. Your medical record would contain your dental, vaccination and other medical records and prescriptions.

10. Acceptance Letter

You cannot afford to miss your acceptance letter. This letter is proof of your enrolment in the Canadian University. It is also needed as a part of the study visa application process. You need to provide the hardcopy of your acceptance letter at every stage. So, keep it handy!

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