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The Study Abroad Journey: Expectation v/s Reality

The decision to embark yourself on a study abroad journey is one of the toughest decisions indeed. This decision, not easy to be made, requires proper planning and meticulous preparations as this one decision is going to impact your whole life. Getting to study abroad in a reputed university is a dream come true for many students. The experience is, indeed, worth every penny spent and there are multiple benefits of studying abroad. The problem, however, arises when the students and parents start expecting a bit too much. That is when the expectations surpass reality. Expecting way too much can hamper your growth and even affect your career in a negative way. The reality check is, therefore, important.

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The objective of writing this post is to touch upon various aspects of studying abroad so as to portray its true picture:

Study Abroad Journey is a Sure Shot Way of Reaching an Acme in Your Career

It is true to an extent that you increase your chances of landing at a satisfactory job by studying abroad but that doesn’t mean there will be any escape from doing your part. You’ll have to work equally hard, hunt for job opportunities and demonstrate your skills to stay ahead as there is going to be a lot of competition. You’ll even be required to do internships or volunteer yourself to prove your competency.

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You Get to Make a Lot of Friends from Different Countries

It’s a common expectation that you’ll get to make lifelong friendships with students from different nations. The reality, however, is that students who move away from their homeland have a tendency to make first few friendships with students who belong to their country or with those who have a similar culture as theirs. It is only when they feel settled; they start interacting with others and consider expanding their network. The study abroad journey, therefore, does help in expanding your network even if it doesn’t foster strong friendships.

Study Abroad Journey Will Make Your Life Amazing

It is quite real that the experience of studying abroad is fascinating and promises you amazing experiences. It will expose you to a whole new world and adds quality to your life. But because everything is going to be drastically different from what you’ve been experiencing all this while, you need to prepare yourself ahead of the time for the change that is coming else you might end up in shock. As a result, you might find it difficult to adapt to new place and surroundings.

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You Will Start Speaking English Just Like Native Speakers

Even though the experts emphasize that you get to master the language quickly by being around the native speakers but it doesn’t happen immediately. Given that you’re most likely going to study a program taught in English, what you must know is that it will take time to master the language. Even more, it will happen only if you put consistent efforts and practice it regularly even when you’re around people from your home country.

You’ll get a Lot of Time to Travel and Party

If you’re expecting your study abroad journey to be full of party and adventure, this is not going to be the case if you’re enrolled in a reputed university. As a student, you’ll have to spend most of your time in the library or in your room studying for the course.  You’ll get ample time to explore life outside the classrooms or library but you’ll have to learn to balance both the things. Remember, there is no way you can afford to ignore your studies as a student in a foreign land.

Final Words:

In order to make the best of your study abroad experience and to make it a memorable one, it is important that you set realistic expectations and maintain a positive attitude.