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How to Study Abroad if you have a low GPA?

Is your low GPA turning out to be a hindrance to your study abroad dreams? Don’t worry the counsellors at MyStudyDestination have mentored and counselled many students with low grades and helped them in getting into their dream colleges and universities. We have already discussed what is GPA and its importance in the previous article. 

Because you cannot go back and improve your grades by any means., this post discusses options that will help you either improve your GPAs or alternate options that override your GPA scores and get you accepted in an international university.

GPA is the academic grading scale followed by many international universities and scales between 1.0 to 4.0. In India, the grading scale used is on the base of 10. So, the candidates need to scale their grades from the CGPA scoring system to GPA scaling grade. With a high GPA, the chances of getting admission to International colleges rise but that doesn’t mean that it is the only criteria. A student with a low GPA can also out past an equally competitive candidate with a high GPA. Have a look at the tips given below:

Option 1: Improving your Current GPA

If you are appearing for higher secondary exams, then you still have three months left to prepare hard and improve your scores. Struggling with any subject? Then join a study circle or coaching class. Improving your class 12 grades would be your last straw and you have to get them right. Even if you are giving your supplementary exams, don’t take that lightly. Study hard and clear the exams with flying colours so that your overall GPA is improved.  

Option 2: English Proficiency Exams

You need to give an IELTS or a TOEFL exam in case you apply for foreign universities especially in countries such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. Scoring exceptionally well in IELTS/PTE/TOEFL would be a great achievement. There are many universities that give equal weight to English proficiency scores and grades.

Option 3: Good SAT/ ACT Score

A good SAT/ACT score would override your grades and make the authorities understand your actual capabilities. Getting a score of 1200-1300 on the new SAT exam is considered an excellent score. The score is sufficient enough to place you in the top 25% of the candidates applying for international universities.

Option 4: Enrol in a Community College

There are many community colleges in the US that offer a two-year learning program including diploma and transfer degrees. The admission requirements in these colleges are quite less stringent as compared to other branded colleges. These colleges offer other benefits as well such as low tuition fees and getting transferred to other fully accredited universities.

Option 5: Focus on Extra-Curricular Activities

There are many universities in the USA that don’t consider only good grades to get accepted. They need more. Having excelled in sports, dramatics, music, community work, etc would brighten your chance to get accepted in a branded University even with moderate grades. So, start enrolling yourself in extra-curricular activities to increase your chances of studying abroad. An internship or work experience with a reputed company would also add a feather to the hat. 

Option 6: Recommendations

You can ask your teachers or mentors to write a recommendation letter for you. A great word from your teachers on the recommendation letter will help the admission officers understand your character and capabilities in a better way.

Option 7: Personal Statement

Your Personal Statement is just like a canvas where you can paint yourself in words. Your personal statement serves as an excellent medium to showcase the admissions officers that why you deserve the acceptance. So, ensure that the letter impresses the officers and helps you get admission to a university of your choice.

Exploring the Right Choices

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