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Study Abroad Personal Experience: Things I Wish I had Done Differently

My Study Destination‘ is about striving hard to provide legit and useful information to readers about studying abroad and career planning.

In our endeavor to make your study abroad journey rewarding and a memorable experience, Career Coach at ‘My Study Destination’ has decided to share a personal experience of studying in the UK university.

My experience of studying abroad has been an amazing one- full of learning, adventure, and complete transformation.

Even though most of the students you come across will have similar things to share, I strongly feel you need to experience what it feels like to study in an international university at least once in your college/ university.

I am lucky that I had the fortune to experience it in my college. It helped me take a lot and there is so much to reminisce. But now when I look back, there is a feeling my journey could have offered me a lot more. It could have been made even more amazing.

There are certain things I wish I had known before…

There are things I wish I had done differently…

And then there are things I wish I had not done at all…

Even though there are no regrets, there are things I would want each one of you to know before you start your maiden study abroad journey. It is a list of things I so wish I had done differently.

Before you scroll down, remember not everyone is as lucky as you to get a chance to study abroad.

Chosen Subjects Carefully

I wish I had carefully weighed the options of available courses.

Today, doing an extensive research on the available options and drawing a comparison makes a lot of sense to me. Back then, why didn’t it occur to me?

Honestly, I think I was too much fascinated by the thought of studying abroad that I kind of lost the vision of my academic and career goals.

Stayed Back for Masters

I really don’t know if it is quarter-life crisis happening to me, but I wish I had stayed back for specialization in the field of my study. Even then, I wanted to pursue the Ph.D (Computer Science), but other factors held me back. I came back home and started perusing a job.

It has been a rewarding journey so far, but it could have been more satisfactory if I was not in a rush to start my life in my hometown. As they say, it’s about doing the right things at a right time.

Today, I am in a phase of life that doesn’t allow me to move to a new place. You guessed it right. I have a family to look after. But back then it was quite a possibility. A little more reflection would have sufficed.

Made More Friends

Even though I made a lot of Indian friends, I could have easily interacted more with students from other countries and made lifelong connections.

Getting to know their culture and lifestyle would have been fun. Also, it would have given me a chance to learn new languages.

Used Less of Internet

You’re bound to be homesick in your new study destination. But it doesn’t mean that you stop exploring the outside world or hesitate meeting new people.

The amount of time I spent surfing and talking to friends/ family back home could have been utilized to discover new things and create more memories.

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Experienced Different Things

Very soon after reaching my study destination, I fell into the habit of following a routine and doing specific tasks.

How much I wish I had a flexible mind at that time?

A little more open-mind and receiving nature go a long way in enhancing your study abroad experience and improving your learning abilities.

I could have indulged more in local cuisines, tried different activities, immersed myself into the local culture and roamed around more by myself.

Final Words:

Every student has a unique study abroad experience. There are things that one student might regret doing and at the same time, there are students who miss doing those things. So, it’s all about making individual choices depending upon your personality and resources. Just that you can be careful about not repeating the mistakes. This is true especially when you don’t want to look back and wish you could have done it in a better way.

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