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Study Abroad: Things You Must Carry

This post talks about a list of basic things you must carry when going abroad for your studies.

Before you scroll down, let me warn you that I am not going to talk about any unique things or things you have never heard of.

They are just simple and basic things that we as students, often, tend to forget while packing for our study abroad journey.

Study Abroad: Things You Must Carry


I recommend buying a lightweight and inexpensive laptop. It doesn’t hurt that bad in case it gets stolen or broken when it is not very expensive. A laptop is important though as you would need it for almost every task in your university.

Also, carrying a memory disk is an excellent idea for backing up your files and data. You might not like borrowing a fellow student’s disk during the first few days itself.


A bag that is good for treks or weekend trips is a must!


So that you can carry it on your back without any hassle!

Also, for carrying layers of clothing, water, and other necessities for 1-2 days of traveling.

Would you really want to drag a suitcase everywhere you go? And forget it that there will be no short trips while you’re at your study destination.

And forget it that there will be no short trips while you’re at your study destination.

Just because Indians are deprived of holidays, it doesn’t mean that people or for that matter, the students studying abroad deprive themselves of rejuvenation activities.

Money Belt

They are the ones that are made to strap at the waist onto your body or even along your side. These belts or pouches provide an excellent storage for things you can’t afford to lose like passport, cash, etc when you’re in a foreign land.

You can always use them whenever you’re traveling or commuting large distances.

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Mobile Phone

You’re most likely to be using one already in your home country. So you may carry the same but ensure that the phone you’re carrying has a good storage and excellent camera.

Download the basic apps you’ll be using in your study destination well in advance. They include Google Maps, Uber, Skype, Hangouts, etc.

Travel Adaptor

You don’t want to arrive in your study destination with your phone and laptop discharged and not knowing what to do because you don’t have a compatible charger.

Even though you can easily find travel adaptors at airports, it is wisdom to carry one in your suitcase to rule out any uncertainty or to avoid spending extra cash.

Sling bag or Wallet

You must carry a small purse, sling bag or a wallet that straps to your body and sits close to your side.

This one thing will help you move around easily with no fear of pick-pocketing.

Comfortable Shoes

Carry one or two pairs of shoes/ sneakers that are comfortable to wear yet stylish and trendy.

Remember, there will be a lot of walking and it is never pleasant to look stylish but have shoe bites, blisters, or pain in your feet.

Lightweight and Comfortable Clothes

I always recommend doing some research on the fashion that is followed in your study destination before buying any new clothes. You don’t want all of them to go waste. Even more, you don’t want to travel to a conservative place with shorts or tank tops and vice versa.

The gist is that carry clothes that you enjoy wearing and are appropriate.

You must also ensure the clothes you pack are lightweight, wrinkle-free, and don’t require any special care.

Last words:

Even if you forget any of the things mentioned in the list, there is nothing to panic. These things are readily available and can easily be procured from anywhere in your study destination. Just that it will cost you some extra bucks and maybe few days of trouble. Finally, always carry an open mind if you want your study abroad journey to be a memorable experience.

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