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The University of Buckingham- The Home of Two Year Degree Programs

If you are planning to study in the UK, then the University of Buckingham should be topping your priority list. The University of Buckingham is the only University in England that has a royal charter for the Queen. More than 2,700 students are enrolled in the university campus each year from more than 100 countries across the globe.  The University is the home of two-year undergraduate degree programs. It is indeed the first independent and autonomous University of England.

Diverse courses are offered at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels. The University encapsulates six academic schools namely School of Humanities, the School of Science, Business School, Law School, School of Education and Medical school.  

The Beautiful City of Buckingham

The market town of Buckingham is located amidst the winding River Great Ouse and mesmerizing rolling hills. The skyline is dotted with the historic buildings around this beautiful English city. You can easily find plenty of lush green landscapes all around. More than 12K residents have their homes in this vibrant city. The local community is social, lively and welcoming.

The students can get easy access to all daily needs things in the weekly street markets. You can find everything from vegetables to clothes to household goods. Numerous concerts, music shows and cultural events are being organized throughout the year. The restaurants and bars are renowned for delicious cuisines. The popular tourist destinations such as the great city of Oxford, Stowe landscape Gardens, Bicester village, Cotswolds, etc are just a short drive away.

Two Year Degree Programs

The best part of pursuing degree programs is that they get finished early leaving the student fully confident and ready to enter the job market. The UoB offers one-year post-graduation degree programs and two-year under graduation degree programs for both national and international students. Most of the international students prefer UoB as lesser is the time, lesser are the expenses and definitely an early entry into the job market.

Approximately, there are about 12 weeks of holidays and 40 days of teaching. The University has four study terms each year while other universities have just three. This is the reason there are fewer holidays and the course gets completed in two years for undergrads and one year for postgrads. The intake of students happens twice a year i.e. in January and September for both graduate and postgraduate programs.

The University offers a seamless application process. The students can either apply through UCAS or they can directly apply through the career pages of the website. 

After the relaxation announced in the work visa post studies, the applications are expected to increase this year. Now the UK government allows a two-year work visa after the completion of the study visa. The students can work in the UK market for two years or till the expiration of the work visa.

Excellent Quality Teaching

The university is well recognized for its excellence in teaching and world-class faculty. The university offers a top-class teaching style and closely resembles the Oxbridge style of teaching in small groups. The class size is very small and the student to teacher ratio is just 1:8. This means that the students are given proper attention and support from their professors to succeed in academics.

University Transfer

The students who are not happy with their current university program can opt for a transfer application to the University of Buckingham. The UoB offers students from other universities to join them in and continue their studies with UoB from January.

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