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Things You Need to Know About the Singapore Education System

As people move from one state to another either for work, business, or any other reason, one of the issues that boggle their minds is whether or not to bring their families. The kids who are in school are the primary concern for such people. If you are planning to move to Singapore, there is a lot that you need to know about their education system before deciding whether or not you will enroll your kids.

We have some helpful insights here for you.

1. It is Considered One of The Best Globally

Singapore is known for many excellent things, and a well-organized education system is one of them. The government has invested in a lot of resources to build equipped schools, train and employ more teachers, as well as support an all-inclusive education system. There is no significant difference between private schools and public resources in Singapore.

2. School Year Starts in January

As you plan to move your family to Singapore, you have to plan well so that they will start the school year in January. You can start the plans to process their travel documents with Visa Express Singapore experts as soon as they close for the end of year holiday at their home school. Singapore encourages all intakes to be in January so that the students will stay focused all year long. If it is necessary to do intake tests and interviews before the end of year holidays, then you will have to make arrangements for that.

3. AEIS is a Must for Foreigners

If your child will be enrolling in secondary 1 and 2 or primary 2 to 5, they will need to perform the admission exercise for international students conducted by the Ministry of Education in Singapore. This test is done between September and October for kids who will join Singapore schools the following January, which is the beginning of the school year. So you should make plans for them to come to Singapore and perform the tests.

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4. Primary School to University Level is the Formal Education

Just to let you know, Singapore considers formal education as a serious opportunity that every kid has a right to. Therefore, the government has set primary school education, secondary school education, and university education as the formal process that children should go through. So, if you are planning to move with your kids to Singapore, bear in mind that they will be going through this channel should they decide to use the formal education system offered in Singapore schools.

5. International Schools Can be Expensive

International schools in Singapore may offer a slightly different curriculum to suit various education systems in the world. However, you will not notice much difference with what is offered in Singapore. One thing to be prepared for is the payments. They are on the higher side compared to even private schools stateside.

With the above information, you can easily weigh the pros and cons before deciding which education system your kids will enroll in. Choosing the one that suits them well is crucial.