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Top 10 Resources to Find Internship Abroad

The globalization of businesses has opened the gateways for the students to enjoy their career abroad. Going to a foreign land equips the students with new skills in a new culture, which in turn makes them more marketable and presentable in the global economy. Not only jobs, but the students have also started to participate in international internship programs as it doesn’t only boost their resumes but also add significant real-world work experience to their portfolio. 

The internships searches are no longer confined to personal referrals or professional networks. Today online searches have helped millions of internship seekers to find their perfect internship so that they can realize their dream career. 

In order to make it easier for you to find your dream internship, we have compiled a list of the best resources available online for best internship programs abroad

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform that will quench your hunt for internships. You can easily search with the word “Internship” and then you will be greeted with all internship related hits. You can further put filters and apply them to get your favorite ones. Job seekers are always recommended to have a fleshed-out profile on LinkedIn and are recommended to build connections with everyone they know professionally.    

2. Glassdoor

Glassdoor, a Sausalito based website gets huge internship listings every day. The sources include company websites, employers, job boards, etc. The real reason which has made this website popular is that it offers a transparent way for job seekers to know about salaries, work culture, reviews, opportunities and opinions of the employees.  

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3. Google 

The Google search engine gives you top-rated and never-ending internship listings. You just need to search for the right set of words/ phrases that will trigger the right hits directly or indirectly from the employers. Remember, getting your dream internship is all about playing with the right keywords. 

4. Alumni Network

Staying in touch with your alumni network will help you grab a referral internship opportunity. Join chat groups or alumni groups on social platforms. This should be your first step in case you are a student. Staying in contact with your alumni network will help you vault over great internship opportunities that other interns have been vying for. 


The website was founded in 2010 and is now owned by Chegg. The website offers 100K internship listings from over 60K employers across the world. The employers don’t have to pay any charge or amount for getting their postings listed. A unique “who” feature enables the internship seekers to see which of their Facebook connections have worked there or are currently employed there. 


This San Francisco based website offers listings from over 30,000 employers. The USP of this website is that it offers internship opportunities as well as entry-level jobs. After registering, the candidates start receiving notifications whenever any new internship is posted in their area. The first 10 listings are free and after that employer is charged a fee. 


Idealist is one of the biggest projects offering internships, volunteering work and apprenticeships spread in over 170 countries. The website offers a unique platform for job seekers to get involved in an activity of their choice allowing them to make a difference.  

8. YouTern

YouTern, launched in 2010, is a project with a difference. Apart from offering internships, it tries to connect and mentor the would-be interns using the latest online tools and social media platforms such as Twitter. The would-be interns register and fill their profile on the website and start interacting with the mentors. 

9. MyStudyDestination 

MyStudyDestination brings up some really nice international internship opportunities. The website is a single-stop solution to all your study abroad needs along with careers and internships. If you are looking to get yourself a dream career, then this website is the solution to all your queries. The expert team of career coaches and counselors have helped more than 10k clients in successfully grabbing their dream job. 

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10. Global Experiences 

This project, founded back in 2001, was aimed at offering genuine work experience globally. Currently, the website provides services in only eight cities – Dublin, Florence, Milan, Paris, London, Sydney, Barcelona, and Shanghai. Here, the interns pay for the internship rather than getting a stipend.

Reading the mind of the employer isn’t easy but these resources help you grab your favorite internship opportunity right away. The opportunities are knocking, Grab them now!

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