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Top 5 Languages to Learn in Today’s Time

With the businesses extending their reach even further and the world becoming more and more connected, the skills desired by the modern employers are rapidly changing. One of the most common skills expected of potential job seekers in today’s time is the ability to communicate in more than one language.

In order to be able to meet the expectations of their future employers, the students are largely looking at acquiring the knowledge of different languages. In a given scenario, one of the most frequently asked questions by students is which are the best languages to learn in today’s time.

Give that there are many choices of languages available and also the knowledge of a language doesn’t come easy, we have narrowed down the options to just a few to help you make an informed choice.

1. Mandarin (Chinese)

With China becoming one of the most powerful and fastest-growing economies in the world, the ability to speak Mandarin can open abundant opportunities for those who are affluent in this language. Because the Chinese stakeholders are present across the globe and that too in an array of fields, the knowledge of this language offers a lot of advantages. Being one of the six recognized languages of the UN, this language has over a billion speakers. Thus, by learning this language, you’ll never be short of people willing to converse with you.

2. Spanish

The ability to communicate in Spanish is really helpful- both for business and professional reasons. Spanish, spoken majorly in Spain, large parts of the U.S. and South and Central America, is one of the most commonly used yet simplest foreign languages for the native speakers of the English language.

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3. German

In case you plan to work or settle anywhere in central Europe, German is going to be your go-to language. Also, the levels of your proficiency in this language are going to determine the rate of your success to some extent at least if not fully, in whatever you do. This is especially true if the field of your work happens to be engineering or finance.

4. Arabic

Arabic, another of the six recognised UN languages, is spoken widely in a vast number of geographical locations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Thus, the working knowledge of Arabic language is crucial in case you plan to do business or work in any of the modern financial powerhouses in places like Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The ability to speak Arabic can really set you apart in case you plan to work in any of the given geographical areas as the number of native English language speakers is very low in these areas.

5. French

French is another popular language spoken fluently across different continents including Africa, the Carribean, Europe and North America. Famous as the ‘language of love’, it is suggested by Forbes that this could very well be the language of the future. Also, many large and world-famous institutions like FIFA, NATO, etc work in this language.

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