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Top Three Masters Degrees in Business to Boost Your Career

The most common dilemma faced by every undergraduate student is to decide whether to go for post-graduation or not? After due considerations by keeping career growth as a top priority, most of the students prefer to go for the Master’s degree. Lacking a Master’s Degree in Business defers the career growth of an individual to multi-times.

This post of MyStudyDestination discusses the importance of pursuing a master’s degree and top three highly-paid master’s degrees worldwide. Let us now take a little look at the various benefits associated with studying for a Masters’ degree. 

·        Potential for Higher Earnings

World stats show that a student with a Master’s degree is offered higher and better placements over and above its undergraduate counterparts. The salary of a Master’s degree holder is significantly higher than normal undergraduates.

·        Increase in the Career Opportunities

A student with Master’s degree will have more opportunities knocking the door. The reason is that today companies are not satisfied alone with undergraduates. They need subject-matter specialists that have immense knowledge in the core business activity. Thus, a student with a Master’s Degree holds a great competitive edge during interviews/selections for a job over other undergraduate friends.

·        Detailed Understanding of Subject

A Master’s degree allows the students to specialize in the subject of their choice. Thus, the student gains a greater and deeper understanding of the subject of his interest. 

Now, let us go through top Master’s degrees that will take your career in business to the zenith of success.

1. Master’s in Finance

The students completing their Master’s in Finance shall have a strong and detailed understanding of both the economic and financial business basics & principles. This program shall cover the various aspects of public and corporate finances. It also covers the assessment in market risk management, investment methodology, pricing methods and appraisal of financial instruments.

 After attaining such broader understandings, these finance postgraduate students can either do a job in some multinational companies or their own business. They can be posted as:

  • Treasurer
  • Member in financial advisory
  • Financial analyst
  • Auditor
  • Budget analyst

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2. Master’s in Business Analytics

This Master’s degree shall equip the requisite students with the essential and necessary skills to make important decisions in the Business world. The Business Analytics study includes elements of computation, statistics and mathematics. This offers a broader framework to search for solutions to the business problems that fall under such a preview.

The postgraduates in this field can have the job expectations to work in diverse fields such as:

  • Product development
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
  • Software development
  • Management

3. Master’s in Accounting

This field will help the students to familiarize themselves with the most effective and innovative methods of summarizing, calculating and communicating the financial data. Any of the businesses in the world strives to be one of the profitable companies irrespective of the kind of industry. For that, companies require the best accounts and financial experts for their day to day operations. 

Generally, these serve as great pathways to entry-level positions. Some of the roles a postgraduate may include a job as:

  • Public accountant
  • Auditor
  • Budget analyst
  • Financial manager

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Get yourself propelled towards the right trajectory by pursuing any of the above three degrees. Connect with us to know your eligibility score and every assistance needed to pursue your dream career. The career coaches at MyStudyDestination mentor the students with the right set of mentoring to achieve their goals.

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