My Study Destination USA

What Makes the USA a Dream Destination for Study Abroad?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of US?

Diverse culture, food, fashion and top universities….Certainly!

The USA is mine and for that matter, every student’s favorite study destination. In fact, it happens to be a dream destination for students across the globe. If you’re considering to study abroad, it is important that you gather information about all the shortlisted study destinations. To help you with the process, we have a compiled a list highlighting major points that make this study destination #1 in the world:

Top Universities

This country is home to the maximum number of top universities in the world. 15 U.S. universities rank among the top 20 global universities.

Source:  Times Higher Education 2016-2017 World Reputation Rankings

Thus, your chances of getting into a top university increase manifold when you choose the USA as your study destination. Even more, you expose yourself to the highest standards of quality education.

Practical Education

The American style of education is a popular choice amongst the students as it focuses on practical experiences and holistic growth. There is a lot of emphasis on case studies and readings. The students are encouraged to analyze and solve real-world problems. Also, there is a lot of emphasis on critical thinking in this system of education. As a result, not only you become great at solving problems, but also your market value increases significantly.

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Internship and Employment Opportunities

There are handsome internship opportunities available to the students both part-time as well as full-time. As an international student in the U.S., you are even allowed to work post-study for at least one or two years depending on your course. You are likely to be eligible to work for two years if you are STEM student. A STEM student is the one who has opted for science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

Financial Scope

The universities in the U.S. have higher tuition fees and the students might find it difficult to bear all the expenses on their own. Therefore, to make it easier for students a financial aid is provided. Also, there is a provision for on-campus job placements to help students earn money to support them while studying abroad.

Flexible System of Education

What makes U.S.A my favorite study destination is the flexibility of its education system. There is a system that allows the students to opt for electives. There is a scope of exploring the areas of your interests and later on to pursue them as your majors. The education system also exposes the students to excellent employment opportunities.

Diverse Culture

This country is famous for its dynamism. It epitomizes different cultures, religions, and traditions. As a student in this country, you get to embrace diversity and multiple cultures. The students find it easy to adjust as there are vast numbers of students belonging to different backgrounds.

Finally, it’s always fun to be in America. Besides high-quality education, there are numerous places to visit and explore in this beautiful country. This country ensures high-quality life and has the best medical facilities in the world. In a nutshell, this fascinating country promises an amazing student life with a bright future ahead!

Image source: global-opportunities