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Why Consider a Course in Corporate Finance? 

Corporate finance management is the area of management that deals with financial aspects such as capital allocation management and asset allocation, within an organization. The core functions of a corporate finance manager include funds management through managing capital, determining dividends paid to the shareholders, issuance of securities, analysis of potential mergers and acquisitions and so on. The main goal of any financial management course is to maximize the value and return on investment (ROI) of a firm.

The aim of this course is to provide the students with a solid understanding of financial markets, risk evaluation, potential analysis, cost of capital, company evaluation as well as its shares, capital investment appraisal, etc. The corporate financial management course imparts skills and knowledge which helps students to sharpen:

  • Quantitative abilities;
  • Ability to interpret and then explain the results;
  • Capability to critically evaluate the techniques;
  • Ability to co-relate the facts and figures with the external contexts of the industry domains.

Aims and Objectives

Corporate finance courses create financial awareness amongst the students, which helps them in innovating the most effective investment and other financial decisions. This helps to add sustainable value to the company and thoroughly understand the relationship between reward and risk.

The course imparts the much desired practical skills on how to seek the information, look out and solve the challenges (leadership challenge), technological changes, marketing imperatives, financial prudence, strategic fits, etc.

This course enables the corporate financial manager to take ethical, effective and timely actions related to the allocation of resources and future acquisition in a global environment.

After completing this module, the students will be able to:

  • Innovate solutions to corporate finance problems and further assist decision making;
  • Examine analytical tools critically related to finance theory;
  • Analyze, design and evaluate the financial management principles and hence, help to operate the business model;
  • Correctly evaluate the firm’s investment and financing options;
  • Understand and resolve issues related to corporate finance management;
  • Appreciate the change, challenges and other complexities arising in the domain of corporate finance in a global business environment;
  • Possess the ability to think and make decisions critically, logically and strategically;  
  • Work effectively and independently in a professional manner.

Who All Can Pursue It?

This course offers good future prospects for the students who want to work as corporate finance professionals in any organization. After undergoing this course, the students can work as:

  • Investment bankers or strategy consultants or who advise organizations;
  • Public equity, private equity, hedge fund investors or, venture capitalists.

This course offers a golden opportunity for students to understand the working of corporate finance and learn something new and in demand. Such topics are usually not covered in traditional curriculum courses.

Educational Objectives

The major underlying objective of any financial management course is to equip the students with vast knowledge, strategic skills and unprecedented decision-making ability in the field of investment, finance and operations. The course offers practical insights rather than stressing on theoretical and other formal theories.    

Corporate finance managers are in high demand in today’s market and highly paid professionals. For more information on course structure and universities, connect with us at mystudydestination. Our experienced career coaches are always there to help you!