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Why Should You Consider Studying Creative Arts in London?

Known for its rich art and culture along with creativity, the city of London is famous for its innovation worldwide. Indeed, the city is a name to reckon with creativity, entrepreneurship, art, and theatre.

The universities in London are famous for offering the range of reputed and highly recognized creative art courses. Besides, there are numerous employment opportunities available in the field of creative arts in this metropolitan city.

What makes London a famous study destination for all the aspirants of Creative industry subjects is its vast cultural landscape and several other reasons as listed below:

  • The city boasts of 14 Higher Education Institutes specializing in culture and art.
  • More than 32,000 theatre performances take place in London.
  • There are 857 art galleries and 383 public libraries.
  • Besides 11 National museums, there are 160 other museums.
  • With 349 live music venues in this city, there is a lot of scope for budding musicians.


As mentioned above, the universities and colleges in London offer a wide spectrum of courses in the field of creative arts. These courses are as listed below:


The degrees/ courses in Architecture and Interior Design are most sought after by the international students in the given study destination. The city has top-ranked universities (worldwide) offering Architecture degrees. The universities don’t only ensure that right set of skills get imparted in the course participants but also guarantee a promising and rewarding career to the pass outs.


If you’re looking at making a career in the field of fashion, this study destination is your ideal place to be a part of. Quite obvious, London is one of the leading fashion capitals of the world and it, therefore, offers a vast array of opportunities for fashion enthusiasts.  A home to many internationally renowned fashion designers, this city offers abundant opportunities for growth and learning to every student who is passionate about excelling in the fashion industry.


Given that there are a number of leading music institutions of the world and conservatories located in London, it becomes an obvious choice for the ardent learners of music. The students who are interested in making a career out of music get exposed to numerous opportunities to excel in their chosen career. Not only they get the rare opportunity of pursuing innovative courses in the field of music but also they get the opportunity to work with leading practitioners in the industry. The renowned music institutions of the city are known for many famous alumni in the music industry.

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The design colleges and universities in London are a name to reckon with famous designers worldwide. This study destination offers a wide spectrum of courses and degrees in the field of design including multimedia designing, graphic designing, computer gaming, product designing and digital designing. As a pass out from a reputed design college/ university of London, you have multiple avenues open for a bright and financially rewarding career.

Performing Arts

By studying performing arts in this study destination, you get an opportunity to work with renowned and leading theatre companies of the world. The city gives you a chance to get exposed to the best theatre in the world. It includes musicals, dance shows, plays, and more acclaimed worldwide.

Final Words: By choosing London your study destination for studying creative arts, you make the best career decision of your life and ensure yourself a bright future ahead.