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Yoga Studies- Your Gateway to Travel Jobs Abroad

There has been a huge demand for Yoga Instructors in the recent past. Yoga has gained massive popularity over the years. Apart from its origin country i.e. India, the western cultures have also started liking it and have become a hub for Yoga jobs. 

Who is a Yoga Instructor?

A yoga instructor or yoga teacher is a person who teaches yogic asanas or postures and brings awareness about lifestyle values. Every teacher may have his own style, length, and intensity of class depending on the level of yoga being taught. 

Importance of Yoga

Yoga asanas are an alternate and most effective workouts for body, mind, and soul. Yoga has long-lasting and permanent effects as compared to other workout routines. Moreover, all the Yoga postures are very easy and can be performed at home as well. This result-oriented exercise cum meditation offers results in a gradual, gentle and permanent manner. 

Breathing is something which is of utmost importance while doing Yoga.  It helps to refresh your mind and rejuvenate your soul. This is the main reason that people come back again and again to Yoga. Yoga postures help to add vitality to your life and realign your mental strength. 

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How to Start?

The career in Yoga is increasingly becoming popular not only in India but abroad as well. There are new yoga studios, schools and other teaching centers where the students can learn yoga and other related skills. The exotic places like Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, Guatemala, etc are well known for offering such courses. The yoga training is imparted in almost every part of the five continents with a major contribution from Asia, Europe, and America. 

With the growing popularity, a number of yoga jobs are expected to shoot up in the future as well. 

Yoga Teachers are in high demand in the tourism and hospitality industries. In fact, the yogic instructor can freelance its services to hostels, schools, resorts, camps and even on yachts and cruise ships. 

After undergoing a certified yoga training, get ready to travel the world as you enjoy your dream job of a yoga instructor.  

VISA Requirements 

It is very important to know the VISA requirement of the country for which you are applying or are planning to teach yoga. It’s the VISA which will help you understand what all things you can do professionally apart from Yoga teaching.  

In some countries teaching Yoga is considered as volunteering work. So, in such a case you do not need any work visa. In such countries, you can easily work as an in-house yoga teacher.


Salary or payments vary from one country to another. Most of the Yoga instructors are paid either on per session basis or sometimes weekly as well. Yoga jobs are well paid in western countries as against in countries that offer low wages. 

You can easily make a lot of money by conducting private sessions or even group sessions. Your knowledge and salary will also keep on growing once you have the desired experience and qualification. 

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If you want to make a career in Yoga and are willing to cast a magical difference in the lives of others and improvise your well being as well, then Go for Yoga Studies today. 

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