Top Reasons to Study in AAB College, Kosovo International exposure and experience have increasingly become important and recognizable in recent years. Most of the startups or small companies look out for the candidates who have left their so-called “comfort-zone” of home country and are ready to take up new challenges in a foreign land. By studying abroad especially in the Republic of Kosovo, […]

Top Reasons to Apply for Graduate School

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see it here Studying in abroad is one of the most amazing and beneficial experiences for any grad student. Apart from studying in a new land, the students have an opportunity to know and enjoy the culture of another foreign land apart from their own home country. The students can explore a completely new culture, expand their language […]

SAT vs ACT: Which One You Should Take and When?

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description The SAT and the ACT are entrance exams to the universities of the United States. A student can either choose one or the other. From the point of view of the universities, their great advantage is that all the candidates take the same test. This makes it easier to compare scores of the students coming […]

Study Abroad Latest News: China to Allow Foreign Students to Take Part-Time Jobs

rencontre 68 homme Study Abroad Latest News As per the recent notifications issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education, the international students studying at Chinese universities will now be allowed to take part-time jobs or internships during their studies off campus. This move has been made as a part of a number of changes being made to make […]