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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a University Abroad

The study abroad experience can be overwhelming for most of the students. It indeed requires meticulous planning and execution of ideas to ensure a smooth journey ahead.

There are certain common mistakes that prospective international students tend to make while choosing a university abroad. The objective of writing this post is to highlight those mistakes so as to allow students to have a wonderful study abroad experience.

1. There are Many Costs beyond Tuition Fee

The students generally weigh tuition fee so heavily that they tend to forget about other expenses that can cost them a lot of money. These include living expenses and they are significant especially for students who belong to countries with weaker currencies.

Points to Remember

  • It is recommended that students calculate their study abroad budget only after referring to target college/ university abroad websites for complete information on tuition fee and related expenses.
  • In order to estimate the budget, the students will have to convert the sum amount to their own currency.
  • The fluctuations in the exchange rates can lead to a huge change in the total budget.

2. Inadequate Research Work

The research work should not end with shortlisting the universities/ colleges on the basis of their rankings and the courses that they offer. But, it must extend to factors likes their geographical location, size of the city in which they are located, cost of living, work opportunities and more.

A final choice has to be based depending on an individual’s personality, likes and dislikes. Some might just want to live only in big cities irrespective of what is being offered by the university abroad while others might not be bothered with the location at all. The students must be well prepared to address the challenges that will be posed by the new culture and environment of the place. It is, therefore, critical to conduct an in-depth research about the place online and through other resources as well.

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The students must research for a program, university and city that matches their personality and aligns with future goals. It is important that the final place of their choice offers them abundant opportunities for growth.

3. Cultural and Language Barriers

The study abroad students get exposed to an environment that is completely different from their home country. And, it might just pose some serious cultural and language issues to them. As a result, they might find the place inappropriate and start disliking it from day one. They might even find it impossible to adjust there and eventually want to leave. Thus, it is strongly recommended that students read a lot about their study destination online to understand the language and cultural differences they are going to encounter.

By gathering information about their university abroad, the students may even find it beneficial to prepare ahead of their final journey. This may include getting themselves enrolled for a foreign language class or connecting with people in destination country online.

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