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3 Top Benefits of International Student Ambassadors

Are you looking at studying in one of the international universities?


Are you looking at foreign education for your child?

If yes, it could be that you have several doubts and there are a number of questions that remain unaddressed.

You simply don’t know what to do and feel like giving it up. Is it?

You don’t need to because there is nothing to worry at all.

It might come as a relief for you to know that you can avail a free service/ guidance from international student ambassadors on living and studying in foreign universities of your choice.

The committed international student ambassadors strive hard in offering maximum information possible about their universities to prospective students.

You can use several mediums to connect with ambassadors including the ones given below:

  • University Websites
  • Social Media
  • Skype
  • Phone calls

It is even possible to approach them directly. In normal circumstances, you can expect a reply within three working days. You also have an option to connect with ambassadors who speak the same language as yours.

The international student ambassadors are, often, considered a great resource for finding everything related to your study destination as they make significant contributions:

1. By Answering Your Questions

You can ask student ambassadors everything related to your study destination, pre-requisites for admission, academics, housing and more. They are open to answering all your questions.

For example, they will help you in finding accommodation by providing relevant links and contacts.

The university ambassadors are on a mission to connect international students with the local community by proving all sorts of relevant information through their blogs, infographics or even social media.

2. By Sharing their Experiences

The international student ambassadors never hesitate in talking about their experiences whenever they feel their experiences can help you in your application and admission process. Whenever there is confusion in choosing your major or difficulty in finding complete information on scholarships, you must not hesitate in seeking their help.

The student ambassadors are always willing to go an extra mile to make your study abroad journey smooth and successful.

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3. By Offering Practical Tips

 The ambassadors specialize in offering practical tips on different aspects of studying abroad. The tips given by them help you make a smooth transition into your new life and makes it possible for you to integrate faster.

They can help you in several different ways as given below:

  • By helping you learn some common words used by locals in your study destination
  • They can help you in understanding the system of health care and insurance
  • By offering information on various social/ networking organizations or clubs that you may consider joining for networking or in order to expand your social network
  • By providing comprehensive information about the city: places to explore, things to do and things not to
  • They may also offer information on events in which you can participate to gain more exposure or to expand your skillset and thus, future job prospects

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