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4 Activities to Keep Kids Brains Active in Summer

Keep your Kids Brains Active in Summer

The summer holidays are hardly a few weeks away and as a parent that must be bothering you a lot!

To be honest, I start getting jitters before the holidays are about to start. Our feelings are mutual. Yes, I am a parent too!

In fact, I am the parent of a child who is extremely naughty and demands a lot of attention. Except for those days on which there are our holidays planned, I am trying hard to find a program or the activities that suit the interest and potential of my 4-year-old daughter.

Summer holidays, obviously, imply abundant spare time, kids indulging a lot in gadgets and too much of summer boredom!

What are your plans to keep your kids active this summer so as to keep summer boredom at bay, protect your children from scorching heat and even rescue your children from blahs of rainy days?

To help you with all this and in building their creative and thinking skills, we have a list of activities ready that will keep the minds of your young ones working all the time!

1.   Blog Holidays

It is one of the most interesting and innovative ways of making your kids busy this summer.

Ask them to maintain their blog and write about their holidays, experiences in life, and a lot more. Even more, encourage them to use their own photographs to support the written content. This will help them engage their creative side and develop their skills in photography.

There are numerous benefits of blogging for children:

  • It will help them in developing strong grammatical skills along with sound English language skills.
  • It will hone their writing skills.
  • Blogging will encourage your kids to think about ideas and content. It will, therefore, enhance their creative thinking and logical reasoning skills.

2.  Explore Interests

There is no time better than summer holidays to allow your children to indulge in different creative and fun activities so as to help them explore their interests.

Depending on your child’s passion, encourage him to delve in that particular hobby and advance his knowledge in that field.

The most rewarding career is the one that is made out of your interests and passion. You must, therefore, never stop your child from pursuing a career of his dreams. And, summers is the best time to let him decide if he really wants to continue in the chosen field.

3.  Experiments with Cooking/ Baking

Not many will tell you that involving your child into cooking or baking is going to help him in a vast number of ways. Cooking or Baking activities are not only a powerful stress buster but also help your child enhance various other skills like learning about different ingredients, foods, making measurements, the significance of temperature and more. It will also help them prepare for their future life where they would be staying by themselves in hostels.

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4.  Exchange Programs/ Adventure tours

Send your children on different exchange programs or adventure tours. Or, if they are too small to travel on their own, you must make an effort to travel with them to new places.

By making them travel in any form, you will be exposing them to new cultures and languages. Even more, you will find an immense change in their outlook and behavior once they come back from any such trip. It is because when the kids are made to live outside their comfort zone, their actual growth takes place. And they are bound to become better individuals.

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