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4 Cardinal Truths About Turning Your Passion Into a Full-time Career

Following your passion is never easy. There’s a harsh truth about living your dreams and following your passion. If you’re not careful in following your passion, it can easily lead you to poverty.

In our talk of finding passion and adding meaning to our lives, we tend to overlook several other important factors. We simply forget the reality that we can’t escape paying our monthly bills.

If you really want to turn your passion into a full-time career, it is important that you understand 4 truths about making money by doing what you love:

1.  Does your work add some sort of value for others?

The golden rule says if you really wish to get paid for your work, it must create some value for others. The money will come only from some sort of value creation. And, there needs to be an audience for your work.

Consider this:

You can’t expect money to fall from the sky by simply painting or writing anything. Whatever you create should have an audience for it to generate decent money.

Besides creating your own product/ products, you may even offer services as they represent a wide variety of options in terms of money generation.

2. There has to be Market Demand

If you’re passionate about doing something, it must also have demand in the market. Only the demand for your product/ service will help you earn money from what you love doing. However, it still holds that you need to love what you’re doing as otherwise even a market need will not be able to make you rich. It is because you can never deliver your best performance if you don’t like doing your work.

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3. There is No Substitute for Paying the Bills

It’s not a common thing to dream of quitting your job so as to pursue your passion. It’s a good thing to do but doing it without any means of generating money is not going to work.

Before taking the final leap, you must work out your expenses and make concrete plans on how you’re going to pay your monthly bills. In case you’ve not accumulated sufficient money, you can consider taking up a job that helps you in building transferable skills and makes it easier for you to manage your monthly expenses.

4. There Are No Shortcuts to Success

There are no shortcuts to success and in following your passion. It demands perseverance, determination, and courage to reach where you’ve always been dreaming of. Also, your path is going to be entirely different from others. Comparisons are not going to yield any results. It will, therefore, help you to focus on your path, resources, and creativity.

Final words:

Whatever you do takes time to generate money. The best happens when you start planting seeds well in advance for your future. Remember, you must never assume that you’ve made it to your destination when money starts pouring in for your work.  In fact, it will just be the beginning. Generating money out of your creativity is always an infinite game. Thus, it’s only you who has to decide if you’re up for the challenge that is involved in following your passion?

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