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Study Abroad: 4 Ways to Deal With Homesickness 


Leaving your home country for studying abroad, traveling, or for any other reason is never an easy task.

Even though it offers a lot of excitement and is going to be an experience of a lifetime, it poses a number of challenges that are not easy to be dealt with.

One of the major challenges associated with moving to a foreign land is homesickness. Those moving out for the first time are the ones majorly affected by this problem.

Homesickness can happen due to a number of factors like getting cut-off from family, friends and familiar environment. Even, difficulty in adjusting to a new environment can lead to homesickness.

Have you ever experienced a feeling of homesickness that is essentially a form of emotional distress? 

If yes, you would agree that it has a potential to bring your life to a standstill. The worst thing about this feeling is that it refuses to go away easily.

It demands a lot of conscious efforts for you to start feeling normal again.

How do you know if you’re a victim of homesickness? 

Homesickness manifests itself in various forms. Feeling anxious all time, wanting to make calls back home again and again, withdrawal from regular social life in your study destination are some of its common symptoms.

What can be done to Combat Homesickness?

There are various things that you may do to come out of this creepy feeling and get back to enjoying your study abroad journey.

Even though each individual has his/ her own way of combating homesick feelings, doing things given below is certainly going to help you.

1. You need to move out!

There is no way better to get back to normalization than to move out of your room.

There will be times when you won’t feel like moving around but you will have to push yourself hard if you really want to overcome such feelings.

You need to move out to connect to a new place and make new friends. Roam around to explore new things and get familiar with your study destination.

2. Watch how much time you spend on social media

While social media is an excellent thing to stay connected to folks back home, but it might also steer you away from your new life.

To continue stalking your friends on Facebook can affect you negatively as it would make you think about them all the time and you will start missing them all the more.

Rather, you should be posting your updates to get a feel-good factor on receiving comments and likes on your pictures.

These small things play a significant role in uplifting your mood.

3. Talk About Your Feelings

It really helps to talk about your feelings. It will surprise you that people will be more than willing to help you come out of homesickness. Because they understand what it feels to miss family and friends back home as almost each one of them has gone through the same at least once in their lives.

Even more, you can approach on campus counselors as their primary job is to counsel international students when they need it the most.

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4. Distract Your Mind 

You have to work really hard in distracting your mind so that you don’t get enough time to think about life back home.

Consider joining one of the clubs on campus or off campus. There will be no dearth of activities that suit your interests.


You may even think about volunteering. It will not only keep your mind occupied but also help in the advancement of your career.

Finally, you’re bound to develop a liking for your study destination if you travel more to nearby areas and start exploring things the new place has to offer you.

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