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5 Things International Students Must Do Upon U.S Arrival

In merely 3 months, you’ll be on board all set to your dream study destination. Needless to say, the experience of studying in the U.S. is going to be the one that is life changing.

As a new student in the U.S., it is bound to take a time to get the hang of a place. Even more, you’re likely to feel swamped.

Even though it is exciting to think about the journey ahead, it is, nevertheless, going to be an overwhelming experience. You might feel that your emotions are roaring. By doing certain things in a right manner and at a right time, you can make your transition into new life quite easy.

This article talks about a list of things that you must consider doing to make it easier for you to adjust and feel comfortable in your study destination.

Things You Must Do Upon U.S Arrival

  1. It’s a strange feeling to land in an unfamiliar place. You are bound to feel isolated and homesick.

Consider making a quick call back home. For this, you’ll need a phone loaded with credit. Talking to friends and family is a soothing feeling and makes you calm and comfortable. Not only will you feel better by talking to your folks, but also by doing so you will be informing them about your well being.

2. After arriving at your study place, you must start the process of setting up your account in the U.S. bank as early as possible. Meanwhile, you would need surplus cash to meet your daily needs.

Cash would come handy given that you will not have an account in the U.S. bank initially and using a credit card from your home country will charge you extra.

You must, therefore, exchange your currency for dollars at the airport itself if you’re not carrying them from your home.

3. Once you reach your accommodation, a quick shower will be very relaxing given that you’ve had a long flight.

Walk around to feel fresh and get a feeling of the new place and even know it better. This will also help you locate local stores and know the surrounding areas.

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4.  Exchange greetings with fellow students and start introducing yourself to others. For this, you will have to move out of your room and wander around.

Spending time with fellow students will help you make friends before the orientation itself.

Getting to know different people and making long lasting relationships in your school/ university is one of the amazing experiences your study abroad journey offers you.

5. With the changing time zones, there is a strong urge to fall asleep as soon as you reach your accommodation.

Your body might be cramped after a long travel and it is going to be difficult to get a sound sleep during first few nights, but your body will acclimatize to change if you’re able to resist your urge of going to bed during the day.

Wishing you all a memorable study abroad journey and countless memories to cherish forever!

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