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5 Unconventional Yet Trending Study Destinations

The modern times in Indian history are the harbingers of change.

More than ever before, the Indians are now looking at doing things differently and in a more westernized manner.

Not only are they traveling more, but also they are keen on traveling to offbeat destinations. Almost everyone wants to do a unique thing and experience something that no one has ever before.

What is appreciable is a fact that the trend is not limited to, travel only, but has touched various other aspects of life. The most important being the unconventional study destination choices that are being made by the students.

While the UK, Singapore, Australia, and the US have always been popular choices for a study place, the students are now looking for off-the-beaten-path destinations. The reasons for their choice may be variegated. But today’s generation is definitely more open and flexible in the choices they make in their life.

The Career Coach at “My Study Destination” has compiled a list of unconventional yet most trending study destinations. This is to cater to the needs and interests of students who think outside the box.


The international students now considering Brazil as a study destination despite some common misconceptions about the place.  The culturally vibrant cities like Rio, São Paulo, and Florianópolis offer a pleasant experience to every international student. There are plenty of options to expose yourself to the world class education that is offered in this country. Even more, as a student, you get to experience the true essence of Brazilian life and get to binge on mouth-watering food.

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For those who think that Cuba is culturally isolated or not at par with the times; you need to experience the life in this place to experience its distinct culture.

Cuba is being talked about a lot in the recent past for travel purposes. Besides travel, this is an excellent study place choice for students who wish to pursue music or culture as their subjects. By considering Cuba as your study destination, you give yourself a chance to immerse in its culture and rich history. This place has a vast number of cultural and other extracurricular activities to enrich your experience.


Having already talked about the different reasons for studying in Italy in our previous post, we strongly vouch for this study destination.

This place is a true architectural delight and embraces historical and cultural heritage in a unique manner.

Even though Italy is quite a popular international study destination, the Indian students are yet to explore the architectural, historical, and cultural vastness of this place.

For all the lovers of history and art, this place is a mecca for learning. The learning at such a place extends beyond classrooms.


This place offers you a vast number of academic choices and allows you to explore Europe. By staying in the Netherlands, you tend to save more because of the lower cost of living. As a result, you get to explore things on a much broader scale than other European study places.


The beauty of studying in this place is that it doesn’t only offer history and religion to the students. You get to study a subject of your choice and stay at a place that is experiencing a tech shift. There are no language barriers as most people speak English. By studying in the Netherlands, you can brighten your career prospects and get to experience the rich culture and heritage of the place.

Final Words:

A semester or a course abroad at an unconventional study destination is probably one of the best study choices you make in your life.

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