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6 Tips on Finding Your Passion in Life

Finding your passion, knowing what you want to do in life and what it is that makes you really happy can be intimidating. Not many people are lucky to end up in a career that fulfills them and makes them feel passionate about their work.

Before you settle yourself into any job or work, it is vital you gain a realization of what it is that inspires you. This is important given that you would be spending most of your life working and earning money out of what you choose to do for the rest of your life. Although that realization comes with a lot of difficulties and may consume a lot of time, you must strive hard to move in a direction that makes you move closer to pursuing your passion in life.

Given below are some ways that can prove to be really effective in finding your passion in life:

1. What Has Given You Happiness In The Past?

By thinking about your experiences in the past, you can figure out what gives you real happiness in life. What is it that you loved doing in the past? Have you had a part-time gig that you found interesting and wouldn’t mind doing again? What are the aspects of your previous jobs that you enjoyed doing? What activities did you enjoy doing as a kid?

Such analysis will help you figure out things that will motivate you to perform at a workplace along with your skills that will be valued by others. Based on this analysis, you may consider exploring different careers before giving one of them a final shot.

2. The Money Factor

Although a majority of people would base their career decisions depending on the money factor, it is worth thinking what you would want to do in life if money was no issue. After you have your answers, you must think about conducting in-depth research to find out what it would take to make your dream a reality. You’ll have to draft a proper plan and strategize your move so as not to make any irrational decision that you may regret later in life. Remember, it’s all about believing in you that things can be worked out.

3. What Is It That You’re Obsessed About?

What is it that you never get bored with or get so much lost in that you completely lose the track of time?  Even if your answer doesn’t spell out a crystal clear career path, it will guide you in the right direction. It will throw a light on your passion, likes, and dislikes. You would know what it is on which you would want to spend your maximum time.

4. Whom Do You Admire?

Are there any people in your life whom you really look up to and would want to be like them? What are the special things done by those people that inspire you to do big in life? By considering their examples, it is possible to identify your passion in life and decide what kind of person you want to be.

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5. How will you like to be remembered after You’re Gone?

You can exercise writing your own obituary. This exercise is so powerful that it can make you think what is important to you and what you want your purpose in your life to be. It will give you a clear view of your aspirations and can take your mind to places you can’t even imagine. This is, however, supposed to be a time-bound activity and you should ideally spend no more than 15 minutes completing the exercise.

6. What Makes You Jealous?

Is someone who travels frequently makes you jealous or someone who is very rich or powerful?

Having seen someone else, you might just have felt “Wow! I wish I had the same job” at some point in your life.

Your emotions can reveal a lot about your personality and a job that would fit you more and keep you satisfied.

Final words:

You never know but sometimes reality may dawn itself by not looking around too much or by stop trying hard to figure out things that will give you happiness in life. What is important is that you do what you enjoy doing so as to maintain a healthy balance of your mind.

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