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7 Free Apps to Create an Impressive CV

Free Apps to Create an Impressive CV:-

Did you know that there are a number of templates available online that can help you create a completely professional and great looking CV? The use of such templates come free of cost and makes it easier for you to find your dream job, thereby, eliminating the need for building your CV from a scratch. Could you really ask for more?

Here’s a lowdown of our best picks from the available apps:

1. My-CV

It offers a wide range of templates (PDF) for the user to choose and create his CV. Even more, the user has an option to build his CV from scratch. This app is unique as it offers the user a personal web address along with a ready-made portfolio web page for the employers to check his profile. The app can easily be synchronized with Dropbox account to make the printing of CV easier. The app even allows you to connect with professionals from different locations across the world.

This app is available on iOS platform.

2. Curriculum Vitae

If you’re not a very tech-savvy person, this app is for you. Quite easy and simple to use, this app has an interactive menu that allows you to quickly create your CV. By using this app, you can design a professional looking CV with different sections and save it in a PDF format.

The app is available on Android.

3. CV Builder

With a basic and simple UI (user interface), this app is quite easy to navigate and gives you an option for a wide variety of formats. This app makes it easier for you to enter your details and edit sections that include your contact details, career goals, education history, experience, and skills sections.

This app, available on Android, allows you to save your CV in a PDF format and send it as an attachment to your email.

4. My CV Maker

This app comes with versatile and dynamic functions so as to allow you to open and edit the previously saved CVs at any time. All it requires is you to enter the details and necessary information and thereafter, save it. This app comes with an advantage of adding visual material like your picture to make your CV look more attractive.

This app is available on Android platform.

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5. Gro Your CV

The uniqueness of this app lies in a fact that it allows you to translate your social/ volunteering experience into skills on your CV. Such skills are easily understood and are of great significance for the potential employers. Even more, it allows you to search for volunteering or social opportunities in the field of your interest.

This free app with dynamic functionality is available on iOS.

6. CV Library

This award-winning app helps you create your personal profile and search, save and apply for over 140,000 jobs available on the platform. It makes it possible for you to save your cover letter and CV and facilitates the process of finding your dream job in an absolutely amazing manner.

This app is available for use by both iOS and Android users.

7. Job CV Maker

If you’re looking at building a creative CV and that too in a short span of time, this is the app for you. There are several sample templates available on the app to make it easier and quicker for you. Add your details along with the projects you’ve completed in the past and save the CV in PDF format when you’re finished. By using this app, you may even share your CV on different social media channels.

The given app can be used by Android users.

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