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7 Tips on Creating Excellent LinkedIn Profile

In today’s digital world, the eye-catching LinkedIn profile plays a most crucial role in landing you a satisfactory and rewarding job.

A LinkedIn profile, if created in a right manner, ensures a steep growth in your career graph.

This article aims at highlighting tips that will help you in creating a unique and outstanding LinkedIn profile.

 A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

There are many who undermine the significance of a profile picture. The truth is that your profile picture speaks a lot about you.

Because LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, you must avoid adding any random pictures. Rather, upload a picture that is professional, pleasing and pleasant.

 Your Bio

Use all your creative skills in writing a bio that describes you best and in minimal words.

What makes you unique and different from other candidates?

Why should employers hire you?

What experience do you possess that makes you different?

These are the things you need to highlight on your profile and that too in a smart and creative manner.

Updated Profile

Make sure you keep your profile up-to-date with the employment history and educational qualifications added to your profile.

Don’t forget to include any certifications you’ve managed to earn in your professional journey so far.

Your Profile URL

Customization of your profile link is another method that works wonderfully in enhancing your visibility on the internet. By personalizing the link that is visible to the public, you make it easier for your contacts to remember and share the link to your profile.

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Growing Your Network

LinkedIn is a platform that gives you a great opportunity to connect with influencers in your industry. You can make some really useful and solid connections on this platform. Such connections can prove to be a boon for your professional success.

Start growing your network steadily by sending a request along with a brief introduction about yourself to people with whom you would like to network.

Given below is the snapshot of my profile on LinkedIn:

Snapshot of My LinkedIn Profile


Join Groups and Share Content

Are you seeking recognition in the industry and wish to grow your professional network?

Start joining groups that are relevant to your field of work and offer your valuable insights. Participate in discussions and start building connections.

Sharing meaningful content from useful resources or even posting your own content is a fabulous method of enhancing your visibility on this platform and gaining recognition by your potential employers.

Profile Strengthening

Request your contacts to endorse your skills and make a recommendation for you. We, however, insist that direct your efforts towards getting only genuine recommendations even if they are few in number. Many employers would straight away recognize fake recommendations.

Last Words:

Now that you have learned how to create a LinkedIn profile that leaves a powerful impact on recruiters in the market, you are on your way to make it big in your career!

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