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9 Apps Every Student Must Have

Are you starting your college/ university soon?

If yes, you need to prepare yourself in a manner that ensures a smooth transition into a new life that lies ahead of you.

Because you are living in the 21st century, there is no way you can do without technology. The use of technology has become vital for learning these days.

In order to make the process of learning fun and to facilitate the use of advanced technology, different apps are available online.

In order to help you in your study journey, the Career Coach at “My Study Destination” strongly recommends the use of following apps:

Google Translate

If you are not a native English speaker but are studying in an English-speaking country, there are chances you might get stuck in some awkward situation. However, Google offers an amazing solution to your problem.

Download its app “Google Translate” and you will be able to translate words of almost every language into English.

Even more, it comes with an inbuilt function of speech translation that allows you to listen to the pronunciation of translated words/ sentences.

Oxford English Dictionary

This app which is rated even better than a pocket dictionary allows you to find meaning to any word in the English language.

This app has made the English language learning a lot easier!

Google Drive

With Google Drive now available online, there is no need of using a flash drive or USB stick. It allows you to store, share, and view files from any location in the world. It offers you a free storage of up to 15 GB and even makes optionally paid plans available for the users. This file storage and synchronization service make it damn convenient for you to save your data.


Is referencing the resources when completing an assignment a task for you?

Personally, I always found referencing the most tedious task in my university years. The technology has, however, made it a lot easier for you.

Download EasyBib App and all you will have to do is either fill the book’s title or scan the barcode. And, it will be done!

The app will automatically generate a reference for you and save your precious time especially when your deadlines are looming!

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Similar to Google drive, this app is very convenient for file storage and sharing especially when you’re working in a team/ groups. And when there is a need to share files/ documents with your group members. It offers you a free storage of 2GB data.

My Finances

This app will help you track the inflow and outflow of all your cash transactions. It even allows categorizing your expenses and savings, thereby, making it easier for you to manage your finances.


This app is an excellent platform for showcasing your academic achievements. This app is must-have for any student who is serious about landing himself a dream job right after college/ university. This professional networking app doesn’t make it easier for you to network with people in the industry but also find internships and job depending on your profile and interests.


This app is my personal favorite. Because it makes sure you are never late for your class. All it requires you to do is fill in the timetable and you are sorted. By downloading this app, you won’t even have to worry about putting your phone in silent mode. It will be taken care of by app. Also, it allows you to add your homework.


Not only does it allow you call your friends and family back home, but also it is of great significance when you have a teamwork to do. One of its functions allows you to have a group conversation by adding multiple people at the same time.

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