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How to Successfully Ace Student Visa Interview?

As a study abroad aspirant, you would agree that the ‘Student Visa Interview’ is one of the most tricky and daunting tasks in the whole study abroad process. It is because the rejection of student visa can put an end to all your study abroad dreams. In order to ease the tension and maximize the chances of successfully getting through you visa interview, there are certain things that need to be ascertained and a list of preparations that are to be made in the right direction.

The primary objective of writing this post is to help all study abroad aspirants successfully ace their student visa interviews. The foremost thing to be understood for the same is the main objective behind conducting a student visa interview. It is to ensure that your entry into the study destination is for the right reason and that is to study at the college/ university in which you have enrolled yourself. Furthermore, it is to ensure that you have the right intention of returning back home after the completion of your education program.  In order to determine your true intention behind your student visa application, you’ll be judged on 5 main criteria:

  • If your sole purpose of entering your study destination is to undertake your course;
  • If you have the potential and intention to be a full-time student in your study destination;
  • If whatever you are telling is truth;
  • Whether there are sufficiently strong economic and social ties back home for you to motivate you to come back home after the completion of your study program; and
  • If there is an arrangement of necessary funds for you to support your tuition fees along with the living expenses without having to undertake unauthorized employment.

Preparation for Student Visa Interview

After acquiring complete knowledge about the visa process, you need to start your preparation. It goes without saying that all your documents must be intact and ready for your interview.

Document Checklist

  • Academic History
  • Acceptance letter from the college/ university where you’ll be studying
  • Proof of availability of sufficient funds to support your tuition fee and cost of living in study destination
  • Bank statements
  • Any documents that might act as proof of your strong ties to your home country
  • Evidence of real estate holdings if any
  • Any documents that support your intention behind moving to study destination

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Tips for the Interview

Make sure you’re well-versed with the information written in your application form and other relevant documents.

Your chances of getting the visa increase manifold when you put forth all the facts in a transparent manner without any manipulation. You must, therefore, remain honest during your interview. Remember, your interviewer is well-trained in detecting your lies and detection of a lie can straightaway lead to the rejection of your application.

In case there is any problem understanding the questions that are being asked, there is no harm in asking the interviewer to repeat/ rephrase the questions. What is important is that your answers remain true and relevant.

Final Words: You need to take the whole process lightly as nervousness will never act in your favor. Even if there is a rejection for the first time, you can always reapply for the visa. And there are a number of cases where the applicants are granted visa even after their application gets rejected in the first place.

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