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Are Study Abroad Programs Just a Waste of Time?

Study abroad is a life-changing experience. Nevertheless, this experience never comes without a lot of money and efforts.

As a student planning to study abroad or as a parent planning to send his child for studying abroad, you tend to repetitively ask one question given below:

“Is study abroad worth it?”

If you ask those who have experienced it, they will tell you yes. Because a simple “yes” is not enough to put rest to all your doubts and inhibitions, you need much more data to make an informed and convincing decision.

The most important thing to learn from the experience of other students is that you must carefully choose your program if you really want to reap the benefits of studying abroad. Both the study destination and the course of your choice must be duly recognized by employers back home and in other countries.

ROI of Studying Abroad

Are you wondering what would be the return on investment (ROI) of studying abroad?

You need to know this:

Improved Chances of Employment

By simply adding study abroad experience to your resume, you showcase your abilities to understand other cultures and adapt quickly to surroundings.

  1. You get additional qualifications that make your resume stand out from rest of the applicants.
  2. Study Abroad forms an important component when your resume is evaluated especially for junior level positions.
  3. You demonstrate your competency in a foreign language and cross- cultural communication skills.
  4. The research reveals that various employee skills get imparted in candidates when they study abroad such as:
  • Substantive knowledge of the core fields of business/ area involved in your domain
  • Strategic international understanding
  • Managerial abilities
  • Cross-cultural experiences
  • Adaptability and flexible nature

Such skills that are of great significance are, often, found missing in candidates who have not had the experience of studying abroad.

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Critical Factor in Overseas Employment

Do you aspire to work in a foreign country?

If yes, studying abroad is going to significantly increase your chances of landing a well-paying job in a foreign country.

The findings from a study reveal that 8 in 10 HR managers/ executives attributed study abroad as a major component for foreign placement within their companies.

Notably, your resume only serves as a way of landing you an interview and doesn’t guarantee you a job in any way. The success rate of your application, primarily, depends on how well you perform in your interview and to what extent you are able to convince interviewers in recruiting you.

A better you!

By studying abroad, you certainly become a better person. When you are made to live outside your comfort zone and are exposed to new culture and people, you become much more independent and learn some invaluable interpersonal skills.

By studying in a reputed international university, you gain global exposure that is very important for your success and professional growth these days.

Final Words:

If you are really keen on making your studying abroad journey rewarding, you need to make preparations accordingly. Targeting a top university in the subject of your choice, making your profile stronger, and carefully choosing your study destination are major factors influencing the return on investment from your study abroad journey.

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