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4 Areas in Which MBA Admissions Committees Evaluate You

Are you looking at pursuing MBA from a top-notch university in the US?

But is it that you don’t have a flashy background to support your application?

There is nothing, however, to feel discouraged. Instead, what you need to understand is that MBA admissions committees focus on certain specific areas when it comes to evaluating candidates. And, it is very much possible for every candidate to stand out in these areas irrespective of their background. These areas are as listed below:

1. Aptitude and Creative Bent of Mind

Your intellectual aptitude is going to be an important criterion in determining the success of your application.

The admission committees use GMAT/ GRE scores along with your academic performance in under graduation as the basis of judgment. When it comes to admissions, the MBA admissions committees are always looking at the diversity of students. They would, therefore, want to admit those students who can prove their competency in handling different subjects.

Creativity in this field is important so to be able to express yourself in an impressive manner and to be able to think out-of-the-box. In order to judge you on these factors, the business schools generally use essays and interview procedures as their basis. In order to gain an edge over other applicants, you need to differentiate yourself by highlighting your unique experiences along with your different strengths. Even more, you need to demonstrate what makes you interested in studying in a business school.

2. Work Experience

Even though you are expected to demonstrate three or more years of work experience in order to prove your competency, but it is the quality of your work experience that matters more than its duration.

The MBA admissions committees are always looking at steady progression in your career graph. You must, therefore, focus on highlighting your professional growth by showcasing how you have been embracing new challenges and making use of learning opportunities throughout your career. Your primary goal should be to sell your employability so as to make the admission council feel confident about your professional skills.

3. Leadership

The whole idea of business schools is to create successful leaders and professionals out of MBA students. And before admitting you inside the MBA School, the admission committees want to ensure that you have your basics of becoming a future leader intact.

In case you have not held any management positions in the past, you may give examples of personal and professional achievements that were a result of your leadership skills. It could simply be the examples of times when you lead student groups or a sports game.

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It is all about showcasing how you manage to motivate people and bring out the best in them. In order to demonstrate this behavior of yours, you don’t necessarily have to be a part of some great organization. You can easily reflect this behavior in your day-to-day life and make significant contributions to the lives of people. It is this behavior of yours that strongly indicate how your performance will be in your future organizations.

4. Interpersonal Skills

Your inter-personal skills play an important role in determining if you will be able to fit into the business school as well as company’s culture that will not be only new but can also prove to be really challenging. In order to access your skills, the business schools include group discussions and interviews as a part of their admission process.

Final words:

By strengthening the given four areas in your profile, you can easily boost your chances of making it to your dream business school.

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