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Avoid these 7 Common Mistakes while Applying for a Student Visa

Studying Abroad is definitely not a cakewalk as it seems. The students have to undergo a lot of formalities before making an exit from the home country. Student Visa is a long and complicated process. It is always recommended to take professional visa assistance for a hassle-free process. Here are a few of the most common mistakes made by the students while undergoing their visa application process that leads to instant rejection by the Visa officials.

1.     Documents

A checklist of documents is available on the official visa website of every country. Students must go through it and ensure the availability of all the documents listed over there.

2.     Admission Letter

The university admission letter is the most important document that serves at the gate pass to that college as well as the country. The admission letter submitted along with the visa application is indicative of the reason to travel abroad. Keep the admission letter handy so that you can produce it whenever needed.   

3.     Academic Record

The students generally submit college records for the visa application process, but there are certain countries that are interested in the complete academic record including the school level as well. So, it is imperative to carry your secondary as well as higher secondary mark sheet along with you so that it can be produced whenever required.

4.     Financial Support

The visa authorities are concerned about how the student is going to manage the expenses over there. So, the students must carry proof of his financial support or a certificate (included in the visa checklist) for the same. If the student is going on a scholarship basis, he must carry the proof of the same. 

5.     Sponsor Details

The sponsor (parents/family) details should be included in the visa application. These details are not asked but it would expedite the process if included on your own. Make sure that all the documents/affidavits and other declarations are up to mark and have detailed information regarding your financial details.

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6.     Going to Via Agents

Falling prey to fake agents is a common affair. Thorough research should be made before making payment to any agent. Such agencies claim that they have all the right answers for the visa interview and even offer a guarantee for visa clearance. The visa officers are smart enough to spot a genuine or a fake case.

 Before approaching any agent, you must verify the background of that agent and then proceed. The verification can be done online or by asking for their portfolio and past clients.

7.     Post-Arrival Activities

The student needs to plan the activities after getting the admission letter. The career trajectory must be clear in the student’s mind. The student should know that what he wishes after the classes commence such as mentorship, research options, internships, clubs, etc.

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