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The Best Cities for Studying Abroad in France

Have you decided to pursue your future studies in France?

There are abundant reasons for which you should consider studying abroad in France. However, choosing which city to study in France can be overwhelming. Having known that each city offers unique career programs and opportunities for students, it’s not an easy choice to be made.

This post covers a list of French cities that are popular choices among study abroad students along with the reasons for which they make a great study destination choice.

1. Paris

By studying in Paris, you don’t only get to stay in a place that is a top destination for tourists but you also get the opportunity to study at some of the world’s best universities. There is so much this city has to offer that you will never regret choosing this place as your study destination. Some of the popular courses offered in this city include Business and Management courses, Language courses, Culinary and Bakery courses.

2. Nice

If you like immersing yourself in the culture of a place where you live, this place is going to be an ideal choice for your future study destination. Besides offering a wide variety of programs for study abroad students, this place offers beaches and amazing weather.

3. Lyon

Known for its art, history, culture, and architecture- there is a lot Lyon (France’s third largest city) has to offer. This study destination is famous for its language and cultural programs along with courses that are offered in the field of Business and Architecture.

4. Grenoble

This French city boasts of five universities and a huge population of international students. One of the top choices for study abroad students, this study destination happens to be an excellent place to immerse yourself in the local culture and learn as much French as you want. This place also offers activities like skiing and snowboarding that are a great way to keep yourself busy and learn something new during the times when you’re not studying.

5. Cannes

Quite popularly known as a mini Silicon Valley, this place happens to be a technology hub and offers a wide variety of programs for study abroad students.

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6. Aix-en-Provence

The city famous for its fountains is located in the region known for its three assets including agriculture, justice, and fine arts. Popular courses offered in this study destination include humanities, social sciences, and fine arts. Those who aspire to be artists come from far-off places to this place in order to let their creative juices flow.

7.  Montpellier

The mountains and the Mediterranean aren’t too far away in this popular study destination which is known for its quickly growing universities. Something fascinating about this place is that approximately one-fourth of its citizens are students. The top choices of the courses in this place include arts and media, business and service learning.