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Biggest Cover Letter Mistakes You Need to Avoid

A majority of job seekers spend a lot of time on writing and rewriting their CV in order to make it a perfect document. In the process, they, however, completely ignore cover letters which in reality are the most important part of the job application.  If done right, your cover letter can help you stand out from the competition and help you secure a job of your dreams.

A poorly written one, on the other hand, can get your application rejected and put an end to all your dreams and hopes. In case you don’t want that to happen, given below is a list of cover letter mistakes you need to avoid when preparing your job application:

1. Not Writing the Cover Letter

The worst mistake you can make is not writing the cover letter as a part of your job application and believe me, you don’t want to do this. Even if the job advertisement doesn’t ask for a cover letter or you have a feeling that it is not important or required, it’s always better not to take a risk and send one, anyway. However, if a job ad specifically mentions that you’re not supposed to send a cover letter that is the only time when you don’t need to send one.

2. Starting with Your Name

By starting the cover letter with your name, you tend to insult the intelligence of hiring managers. The hiring managers would automatically know from where the cover letter comes by taking a quick look at the ‘From’ field in your email or the ‘Name’ written on the top of your CV.

3. Overly Casual Greeting

Because you’re applying for a job, you need to conduct yourself in a professional manner regardless of everything else. It doesn’t matter if the job you’re applying for requires a cool candidate or the company where you’re seeking job has a chilled out atmosphere. All that matters is that you’re seeking a job and thus, you’re expected to follow the protocols for the same.

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4. Addressing the Wrong Person

By addressing your cover letter to the wrong person, you completely ruin your chances of securing a job. This includes misspelling the name of a concerned person. What you need to understand is that by doing so, you’ll be hitting a home run.

5. Using a Generic Template

Hiring managers would never like to read the same content or the content that has been copied over and over again. Templates exist to help you understand the right procedure of writing a cover letter and not as a substitute for your creativity.

Remember, there is never one-size-fits-all cover letter out there. Thus, you need to tailor your cover letter every time you send your job application depending on the job and company requirements.

6. Wrong Job Title or Company Name

You tend to make the worst mistake by using the wrong job title or company name. If you get this wrong, be sure you will never succeed in impressing a potential employer.

7. Failure in Proving What You Say

Simply saying things and telling a potential employer that you meet the position’s requirements won’t help. You need to show how exactly you’ve got skills and experience that are required to succeed at a given job by giving concrete and relevant examples of your capabilities and accomplishments.

8. Failure in Highlighting Your Top Selling Points

When seeking a job, your cover letter is one of the primary tools that you can use to sell your top points. You should, therefore, use it to provide enough reasons for your potential employer to convince him/ her in inviting you for an interview. You need to use this document effectively to market yourself to your potential employers and highlight all the skills that are required for the given job.

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